Chatroom History
May 1, 2016 4:00pm - 6:29pm

Stephen: I need some sixth dimensional being updates. Is my DNA aligned or what? (6:01pm)
ALVSURE: Wow is this painful (6:04pm)
ALVSURE: pull the plug cory (6:04pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: freeman's Prince conspiracy anyone? (6:16pm)
Stephen: *does push ups* (6:16pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: its ridiculous (6:17pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: shelby's prerrt close (6:17pm)
Stephen: Shelby works so much he can afford to have a butler pull up his bootstraps. (6:20pm)
Sara Murphy: Shelby works almost as much as he talks about working (6:20pm)
Sara Murphy: Hi Stephen! (6:21pm)
Stephen: HELLO MURPH. (6:21pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: house punx? (6:21pm)
fema: new punk body spray called: REEK (6:23pm)
Stephen: HIGH COLLARS (6:24pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: phat pants or tight on men? (6:24pm)
Stephen: cargo shorts (6:24pm)
ALVSURE: #ShelbysPunkFashionTip (6:25pm)
Stephen: and those crocs that look like mary janes (6:25pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: what were you wearing Shelby!?!?!! (6:25pm)
Stephen: Suck you BISS (6:26pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Whutter THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE (6:26pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: the halston of punk!!!! (6:27pm)
Stephen: WORK CHAT (6:27pm)
FEMA: Where can we download the WOW sond effect? (6:28pm)
Stephen: they aren't. (6:28pm)