Chatroom History
May 8, 2016 2:00pm - 4:29pm

malderor: hello, and welcome to the all "you didn't know this was a cover" show! (2:26pm)
Bullwinkle: Great show! Lovin' it! (3:10pm)
malderor: Thanks, Bullwinkle! (3:43pm)
malderor: technically this isn't a "cover" so much as an "original demo" but whatefer. (3:53pm)
Bullwinkle: Play the Carpenter's cover of Call All occupants of.... (3:53pm)
malderor: hahah, no (3:56pm)
Netzard: Groovy show! (4:08pm)
Bullwinkle: Play the original then. (4:14pm)