Chatroom History
May 10, 2016 6:00pm - 8:19pm

ed: i'm not getting any audio today... (6:16pm)
timmmii: still? (6:26pm)
ed: on another computer...happy sound coming out (6:26pm)
timmmii: oh ok (6:26pm)
timmmii: not sure if you've tried the ios app, it actually works pretty well (6:27pm)
timmmii: if on android, TuneInRadio app also plays RV (6:27pm)
timmmii: (6:28pm)
ed: thanks for the tips sir (6:28pm)
ed: this is so kickass (7:19pm)
ed: the wandering breath track... (7:22pm)
timmmii: awesome! that's my friend's band and new EP (7:25pm)
timmmii: (7:25pm)
timmmii: Expedition Alpha (7:25pm)
ed: that was a trip (7:29pm)