Chatroom History
May 21, 2016 10:00am - 2:29pm

ZODD: Yo LAM! (10:36am)
Last LATF: ZODDster!! (10:43am)
ZODD: Heading in (10:44am)
Last LATF: im falling all over the place, can't cope with FF not here (10:49am)
ZODD: Fuck!!! (10:53am)
ZODD: See you in a bit bro (10:53am)
ZODD: Hypocrisy! (10:57am)
Slow Roasted Demon Baby: \m/ (11:01am)
Metal Miki : I'm so sorry for your loss, Manny.... (11:07am)
Last LATF: Thank you Miki (11:12am)
StevePick/Turdlock: be okay, Creetch. (11:48am)
Last LATF: Cheers to Craig (11:56am)
Last LATF: Metal Asylum on the AIR (12:08pm)
the other featherstone: the fatherstone loved you guys (12:51pm)