Chatroom History
May 28, 2016 10:00am - 12:29pm

Cracklin' Skulls: \m/\m/ (10:01am)
Cracklin' Skulls: Thoughts going out to Father Featherstone this Memorial Day weekend (10:09am)
ZODD: Yes! (10:11am)
ZODD: We Miss The Father! (10:11am)
!LAM!: Thank you all for caring about the FATHER (10:15am)
The Father: thank you for caring about me (10:22am)
The Father: what is this poser shit, play some real metal (10:35am)
ZODD: Yes Father (10:40am)
Cracklin' Skulls: Yes! Baked Bomb! (11:11am)
Cracklin' Skulls: Hey Zodd, do you know if bands like Baked Bomb or Blunt Force Trauma ever tour outside of Japan? (11:13am)
ZODD: asia yes, not North America as far as i know (11:14am)
Cracklin' Skulls: Damn (11:16am)
!LAM!: Hey ZODD! (11:46am)
!LAM!: please let Jody know about ticket giveaways! (11:46am)
!LAM!: Including Today! One Pair to 06/03 @ Slims SF - Local H (11:47am)
!LAM!: Next Weekend, Rampage to giveaway One Pair to Voivod appearing 6/8 @ Slims SF (11:47am)
!LAM!: but for Today! SLIM%u2019S PRESENTS Local H An Evening with Playing As Good As Dead in its entirety Friday Jun 03, 2016 - One Pair!! (11:48am)
Karen Carpenter: Rampage: let me know if a DJ follows you today, else we'll go LIVE to Carnaval (11:49am)
!LAM!: oops - today Right Now! Slims SF Presents - Local H An Evening with Playing As Good As Dead in its entirety Friday Jun 03, 2016 (11:49am)
!LAM!: (11:49am)
ZODD: ok (11:57am)
PTDaniel: Thanks for the Thin Lizzy!!!!! (11:58am)
ZODD: YEA! (11:59am)
!LAM!: I updated RV facebook for Jody check it out.. (12:02pm)
!LAM!: (12:02pm)
!LAM!: I'm on my to WoodLawn Cemetery to Say my Farewell once more to Father Featherstone, may he R.I.P (12:03pm)
SkullHyphy: R.I.P. Father Featherstone! (12:03pm)
DJ Jody: Shout out to the Father! RIP. He will be missed - still can't believe I won't get to see his hearse collection. :( (12:11pm)
DJ Jody: LAM, hope y'all have a memorable celebration of his life over at Woodlawn this afternoon. \m/ (12:13pm)
PTDaniel: who is this track? (12:19pm)
DJ Jody: Lunar Aurora (12:20pm)
PTDaniel: MGLA exercises in futility would be appreciated (12:26pm)