Chatroom History
May 28, 2016 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Embot: Cure is awesome! Loved seeing them even in Utah a long time ago (6:16pm)
Embot: would love to see Peter Murphy (6:16pm)
erin eyesore: they ruled! i also saw peter murphy this year! really great (6:18pm)
Embot: I sort of hate you and love you all at once (6:25pm)
erin eyesore: ha sorry not sorry! (6:32pm)
Embot: I miss the creatures.. sniffle (6:40pm)
erin eyesore: right? they were so weird and good! (6:41pm)
Embot: I also miss the sisters of mercy.. NOT the sisterhood, sorry you babies out there (6:43pm)
erin eyesore: hey noww hey now noww (6:49pm)
Embot: hahaha.. awesome (6:52pm)
Embot: so yelly!!! (7:26pm)
Embot: someone must be hungry (7:26pm)
erin eyesore: haha (7:26pm)
Embot: sosos (7:32pm)
Embot: love me some ESG (7:32pm)
Embot: that bass line sounds similar to Nine Inch Nails (7:41pm)
Embot: did someone maybe "borrow" a sound (7:41pm)
Embot: I should clarify.. only in the beginning (7:42pm)
erin eyesore: oh totally (7:50pm)
erin eyesore: trent reznor forever tho (7:50pm)