Chatroom History
June 5, 2016 2:00pm - 4:29pm

MAjiK: fah-q (2:16pm)
MAjiK: o_O (2:20pm)
MAjiK: so there is bitchin going on (2:20pm)
MAjiK: what brought you together? (2:21pm)
MAjiK: Iam funkadelic (2:21pm)
MAjiK: I play music in my basement (2:21pm)
MAjiK: no differences I just funk it! (2:22pm)
MAjiK: 94, 84 same diff... (2:22pm)
MAjiK: get paid! (2:22pm)
MAjiK: let's buy shares in funkadelic! I.P.O.! I.P.O. (2:23pm)
MAjiK: nah-right (2:23pm)
MAjiK: is that the beer maid talking ? (2:25pm)
MAjiK: hahahahahahaha (2:28pm)
MAjiK: who? (2:29pm)
MAjiK: who's prince? (2:29pm)
MAjiK: ask about his favorite song (2:30pm)
MAjiK: 'triffik - triffik (2:31pm)
MAjiK: it's a cock wazzle bull dang bong! (2:32pm)
MAjiK: you just said you weren't (2:32pm)
MAjiK: heresay (2:32pm)
MAjiK: heresey (2:32pm)
MAjiK: parlimient (2:32pm)
MAjiK: parlay (2:33pm)
MAjiK: getting bored in 6 (2:33pm)
MAjiK: 5 (2:33pm)
MAjiK: 4 (2:33pm)
MAjiK: 3 (2:33pm)
MAjiK: 2 (2:33pm)
MAjiK: 1 (2:33pm)
MAjiK: WOOO!!!!!!!! (2:34pm)
Netzard: Will be listening on the ferry. Awesome! Will post a photo when I get there (2:48pm)
Netzard: Purple Echo, man. Love those guys. (2:57pm)
Uncle Ray: Killer show men (3:03pm)
malderor: Thanks, senor! (3:05pm)
Uncle Ray: Satin is real! I feel like I've seen this LP cover a million times, never heard it, thanks guys! (3:18pm)
Netzard: Saw Travis at Bottom of the Hill with Malderor. Ask him about it (3:30pm)