Chatroom History
June 5, 2016 6:00pm - 8:29pm

ALIV15: hello buddies (6:02pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: RIP Corky (6:09pm)
ALIV15: al or shelby basketball hoop (7:09pm)
Stephen: HAY GUISE WAT IS UP? (7:19pm)
Stephen: Maple syrup haters trouble me. (7:20pm)
ALIV15: hello stephen (7:39pm)
Stephen: Hello. I hope you all enjoyed the Warriors playing a basketball match (7:41pm)
ALIV15: i thought it was going to be closer due to the refeeree Foster calling the game who has been notrious for having a short whistle against the warriors (7:42pm)
Stephen: Damn...Al with the deep analysis. (7:43pm)