Chatroom History
June 11, 2016 10:00am - 12:30pm

!LAM!: SWAMPLORD!!! Welcome Back!! (10:19am)
!LAM!: Hey ZODD! Hey Steeb! (10:23am)
!LAM!: Wow Savage is a spin off of B.O.C (10:27am)
!LAM!: Hey SwampHell! are you taking Requests? (10:28am)
DJ Swamplord: Yes, I can try to squeeze requests into the playlist along with 2016 releases. (10:29am)
!LAM!: Well this more of Dare... in th spirit of the Haight st Fair tomorrow (10:29am)
!LAM!: Maybe it's basketball thing too...I dare aka request you play 'Stairway to Cleveland' (10:30am)
!LAM!: it's by the band jammin' the Haight St Fair tomorrow to commemorate their member who passed on this year also (10:31am)
DJ Swamplord: Haha sure, I can find the Jefferson Starship track. Might be a little while before it comes on, but I like the idea lol (10:32am)
!LAM!: ...the cool thing, it's actually a fast, heavy song with a classic anthem statement "Fuck You!" We Do What We Waaaaant!"!! (10:33am)
!LAM!: Thanks Swamplord!!! (10:33am)
!LAM!: reminds me of Father Feathestone when I hear that yelled out ..ha! (10:33am)
DJ Swamplord: Gotta play something that reminds us of Father Featherstone! For sure dude (10:34am)
!LAM!: ...eggcellent Smithers! (wringin' my wrinkly old hands and grinning) (10:35am)
!LAM!: SwampHell with the SwampLord will Return to RadioValencia 7/09/2016 !!! (11:42am)
!LAM!: DJ JODY!! the Mission's Midday Mistress of Metal!!! (12:14pm)
headhntr: \m/ (12:24pm)
DJ Jody: Hellooooo Manny and Headhntr! (12:27pm)
!LAM!: Hey Jody, here's FB link for your show and Tix to giveaway if can, Thanks! \m/\m/ (12:28pm)