Chatroom History
June 24, 2016 10:00am - 12:30pm

LADYSHACKLES: It's Faco Fry Day! Yay! (10:31am)
itsfaco: what up 7up. (10:35am)
LADYSHACKLES: love the mix-so mixy and swirly like a rainbow of sounds (10:45am)
LADYSHACKLES: I totally hear myself snore sometimes! (10:54am)
itsfaco: haha (10:58am)
itsfaco: snoring! (10:58am)
itsfaco: is the opposite of boring! (10:59am)
LADYSHACKLES: Also when I nap I know when my mouth opens. Sleeping is interesting for sure. (Recovering sleep-talker/walker) (11:01am)
LADYSHACKLES: the never ending stoooorrry! (11:02am)
itsfaco: triple threat. (11:05am)
itsfaco: Live! (11:43am)