Chatroom History
June 28, 2016 10:00pm - 12:28am

Great Rip Off: Hot Toddy!!!!! (10:03pm)
Great Rip Off: Where's my pound of doubt (10:08pm)
Star Chamber: Give Us Thomas o' Bucket! (10:20pm)
Guy on a raft in the Med: Got job? (10:22pm)
Karen Carpenter: PinkFloyd albums will get really cheap (10:26pm)
Karen Carpenter: hey, is this fair and balanced? (10:45pm)
Grand Gravel: Bound by EU rules, heh? (10:52pm)
Karen Carpenter: NHLG id (11:00pm)
Perfect_Timing: NHLG ego (11:27pm)
Just Werds: I Love Mes (11:30pm)
Just Werds: RadioFalencia.Fummmm (11:30pm)