Chatroom History
July 1, 2016 10:00am - 12:29pm

faco fan: its fac'o'clock! best day of the week! (10:04am)
itsfaco: hello everyone thanks so much (10:07am)
request bot 4500: lets hear some faco freestyle raps :) (10:09am)
itsfaco: o (10:10am)
itsfaco: fuck (10:10am)
itsfaco: ya (10:10am)
*jOsiE*: que onda ese?! (10:32am)
itsfaco: wassup josie!!!! (10:33am)
itsfaco: requests? (10:33am)
*jOsiE*: any OZO would be cool! (10:34am)
itsfaco: for sure (10:36am)
itsfaco: u see xmen? (10:36am)
*jOsiE*: no, i just barely saw hardcore henry (10:38am)
itsfaco: was it good? (10:38am)
*jOsiE*: it had potential, but it went kinda weird (10:38am)
itsfaco: o shit (10:39am)
*jOsiE*: worth watching at least once, action gets a little confusing at times (10:39am)
LADYSHACKLES: I totally want to hear "idiot's rule" by Jane's Addiction. Any kinda wet, reverby 90's guitar like that would be DELICIOUS (10:40am)
LADYSHACKLES: Love what you are playing now (10:41am)
itsfaco: you got it LADYSHACKLES (10:42am)
*jOsiE*: GOONIES ! (10:50am)
itsfaco: LADYSHACKLES your song next (11:29am)