Chatroom History
July 8, 2016 10:00am - 12:30pm

*jOsiE*: FACO FO-EVA! (10:27am)
NORM: The only audio book I ever listened to was swayze's autobiography (10:28am)
NORM: READ. BY. HIM. (10:29am)
itsfaco: what up Norm! (10:32am)
itsfaco: wassup josie! (10:32am)
itsfaco: swayzie (10:32am)
itsfaco: is (10:32am)
itsfaco: crazie (10:32am)
*jOsiE*: ROADHOUSE! (10:33am)
itsfaco: o (10:34am)
itsfaco: fuck (10:34am)
itsfaco: ya (10:34am)
*jOsiE*: get it MIJO! Sam E is the shit too! (10:37am)
NORM: Ok I'm back-did I miss my shout out?!!!!!???????? (10:46am)
itsfaco: shouts (11:00am)
itsfaco: out (11:00am)
itsfaco: to (11:00am)
itsfaco: NORM! (11:00am)
NORM: Dude-the internet feed keeps dropping out :( I'll have to get closer (11:02am)
*jOsiE*: try PhoEver in Sunnyvale! (11:38am)
*jOsiE*: domo faco! (11:59am)