Chatroom History
July 10, 2016 6:00pm - 8:28pm

Hide the Bodies: Sep 20 end of summer (6:09pm)
Hide the Bodies: Or somewhere around there (6:09pm)
Hide the Bodies: Where's baby boy Erik? (6:10pm)
cobras: not here yet (6:12pm)
Hide the Bodies: Garbage plate is Rochester!!!! (6:19pm)
cobras: damn straight (6:20pm)
Hide the Bodies: Hell yes, represent! Next time I'm out I'll make plates,gotta remember an important part. The meat sauce (6:21pm)
Hide the Bodies: No Frank's, sorry, it is meat, onion, garlic, nutmeg, chili powder and more but never Frank's. (6:22pm)
Hide the Bodies: Frank's can of course be applied to the plate. (6:22pm)
Hide the Bodies: It's 2pm cutoff here (6:27pm)
Hide the Bodies: New ulthar shirts are the shit, sporting one now (6:28pm)
ALIV15: ^^^^^^^^ (6:29pm)
cobras: nice! (6:32pm)
Dave S: Holy shit hoc (6:40pm)
Dave S: GKC (6:40pm)
Dave S: This is a great interview (6:48pm)
Pus bukket: Guys I wish I could hear (6:49pm)
Pus bukket: Wtf (6:51pm)
gooniestorm: WHAT UP BATCHES?!? (6:51pm)
Pus bukket: Yo why do you guys know about garbage plates? Are you in w. ny? (6:51pm)
Hide the Bodies: Canadians are big on the spliff mix (6:51pm)
gooniestorm: blunt>spliff (6:51pm)
gooniestorm: blunt > spliff (6:52pm)
gooniestorm: that was supposed to be the "better than " symbal (6:52pm)
KORN-Y: i cant do blunts! (6:55pm)
Dave S: Who dat screamin? (7:00pm)
Stephen: Did Welf call in yet? (7:07pm)
Dave S: No (7:08pm)
Stephen: Well, that's something. (7:09pm)
Stephen: How many Pokemanz have they caught on air? (7:09pm)
Dave S: Atleast you caught that chili dog song (7:10pm)
Dave S: There is a god! (7:14pm)
gooniestorm: i hate saurkraut (7:16pm)
gooniestorm: however you spell it (7:16pm)
gooniestorm: i cant eat chili cuz i have gout :( (7:17pm)
Dave S: Superdawg in Chicago won't even let you have ketchup (7:20pm)
Stephen: Gout is OUT (7:20pm)
gooniestorm: sydication! youve finally made it (7:20pm)
fio: Coney Island, D Casino, Fremont Street, Vegas (7:21pm)
gooniestorm: i have a snack suggestion should i call back? (7:21pm)
podcast towner eric: yo the caspers on clayton blvd in concord (7:21pm)
KORN-Y: yah! (7:21pm)
podcast towner eric: is the truth (7:22pm)
gooniestorm: ok so, the mall in downtown sf.... (7:22pm)
gooniestorm: charlies cheese-steaks (7:22pm)
gooniestorm: shit is BOMB (7:23pm)
gooniestorm: "it left a big hole..." (7:23pm)
gooniestorm: thats what my date said? (7:24pm)
gooniestorm: i had a corndog at hotel utah today it was siiiiiiiiiiiick (7:25pm)
gooniestorm: it looked like a dick tho (7:25pm)
heavy c: darby crash voice:"I'll see y'all after the trump rally at oki dogs" (7:26pm)
gooniestorm: i highly suggest it (7:27pm)
Dave S: LA was a character in that movie (7:28pm)
Dave S: Was cool seeing Al in PT (7:30pm)
gooniestorm: ok so... (7:30pm)
gooniestorm: i had a hole wall of nivana pics on my wall when i was 14..... (7:31pm)
gooniestorm: and the day that kurt cobain died my dad had gone out target shooting, and stuck his thing up on the wall, over the kurt cobain stuff and i came home crying and he he hadnt heard yet (7:33pm)
fio: There was a Dimmu Borgir picture on the reverse side lol (7:33pm)
KORN-Y: lol (7:34pm)
Dave S: Oh shit I missed Dimmu Borgir talk (7:35pm)
fio: That (7:35pm)
fio: Brad fuckin Dourif baby (7:37pm)
heavy c: MURPHHH-DAWWWG!!! (7:37pm)
Dave S: Fav character actor- Flea (7:38pm)
fio: The Demolitionist is a movie chocked full of insane character actor cameos (7:40pm)
heavy c: stacy keach (7:45pm)
Dave S: Joe Don Baker (7:48pm)
fio: Ronny Cox (7:49pm)
fio: Dick Jones in Robocop also (7:50pm)
Dave S: Uhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh (7:56pm)
Dave S: PT makes u mean (7:57pm)
Dave S: Charles goes off on IllconNAD (7:59pm)