Chatroom History
July 10, 2016 4:00pm - 6:29pm

KORN-Y: i made it to the oingo boingo tribute band (4:51pm)
KORN-Y: they sucked so bad (4:51pm)
KORN-Y: culture shock (4:52pm)
KORN-Y: is dick (4:52pm)
KORN-Y: from subhumans (4:52pm)
KORN-Y: btw (4:53pm)
Malderor: Congratulations to listener Bill E for winning those Mark Lanegan tickets! (5:42pm)
Hide the Bodies: Sep 20 end of summer (6:09pm)
Hide the Bodies: Or somewhere around there (6:09pm)
Hide the Bodies: Where's baby boy Erik? (6:10pm)
cobras: not here yet (6:12pm)
Hide the Bodies: Garbage plate is Rochester!!!! (6:19pm)
cobras: damn straight (6:20pm)
Hide the Bodies: Hell yes, represent! Next time I'm out I'll make plates,gotta remember an important part. The meat sauce (6:21pm)
Hide the Bodies: No Frank's, sorry, it is meat, onion, garlic, nutmeg, chili powder and more but never Frank's. (6:22pm)
Hide the Bodies: Frank's can of course be applied to the plate. (6:22pm)
Hide the Bodies: It's 2pm cutoff here (6:27pm)
Hide the Bodies: New ulthar shirts are the shit, sporting one now (6:28pm)
ALIV15: ^^^^^^^^ (6:29pm)