Chatroom History
July 9, 2016 10:00am - 12:26pm

!LAM!: SwampLord!! (10:08am)
!LAM!: Dj Jody Can't Make it Today, (10:08am)
!LAM!: Interested in Covering for her? (10:08am)
!LAM!: so Four Hours of SwampHell? (10:09am)
DJ Swamplord: Unfortunately, I can't dude... gotta leave right at noon... (10:10am)
!LAM!: ...okay can you announce that Rampage will be covering for her, and also giving away tickets, I hope (10:10am)
DJ Swamplord: Sure thing man (10:13am)
Deeb: flip the record over (11:56am)
Deeb: blastin out here (11:56am)
jesikachrist: hey man! (12:05pm)
jesikachrist: r.i.p. craig (12:06pm)
Lone Rager: Thank you Jesika Christ (12:12pm)
Lone Rager: Jesika Christ, I happen to have a Sangre Amado CD on hand shall I jam it out?! (12:20pm)
jesikachrist: fuck yeah! thanks! (12:23pm)
Lone Rager: You are welcome (12:26pm)