Chatroom History
July 17, 2016 6:00pm - 8:29pm

ELECTRIC: when is weird paul petrosky gonna be on? (6:00pm)
ELECTRIC: ? (6:02pm)
fio: Maybe tonight based on the song (6:03pm)
ALIV15: around 6 30 (6:03pm)
ELECTRIC: !!!!!! AWESOME !!!!! (6:07pm)
Dave S: Erik is back! (6:07pm)
ELECTRIC: Shalomikah! Ramma Lamma Dingbat! (6:08pm)
a snake a snack: That future voice is a generous guy! (6:09pm)
KORN-Y: hihi (6:09pm)
ELECTRIC: can we have a bath here? (6:10pm)
ELECTRIC: turkish sweaters! (6:10pm)
ALIV15: yaaaaaas (6:12pm)
ELECTRIC: #9-11wasahandjob (6:14pm)
fio: Is it horny goat weed? (6:15pm)
MURPHAY!: Oh shit this is gonna be like when you guys took Shroomtek (6:15pm)
MURPHAY!: Also YO (6:15pm)
ELECTRIC: alex jones and joe rogan are both douchebags (6:16pm)
KORN-Y: yup (6:16pm)
MURPHAY!: Chili Dog Summer Supplements: Fuck & Fight Edition (6:17pm)
ELECTRIC: Muslims didn't do 9-11 Israeli Zionist Mossad pigbitches did with their occult slavery dick wands and jew gold (6:18pm)
Dave S: YO (6:18pm)
fio: Are your dicks #woke? (6:18pm)
ELECTRIC: Cumberly Scroatum. (6:19pm)
ELECTRIC: (6:20pm)
KORN-Y: too deep man we're talking salad (6:21pm)
ELECTRIC: Just som salt for your salt (6:21pm)
ELECTRIC: lol (6:22pm)
ELECTRIC: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (6:23pm)
ELECTRIC: Rush is a oxycontin lop (6:23pm)
ELECTRIC: some say alex jones is a majestic 12 shill (6:24pm)
ELECTRIC: God is pretty awesome though! (6:25pm)
Dave S: That chili dog line up piqq was siqq (6:25pm)
Kashk: Sould Glow (6:26pm)
fio: Tonight's show is full of dat radio magic (6:27pm)
Etrene888: its just acidic diarrhea (6:27pm)
Etrene888: (6:30pm)
Etrene888: WE LOVE YOU WEIRD PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6:30pm)
Etrene888: FUCK ALL POLITICIANS!!!!! (6:32pm)
Leo Getz: Paul is cool this guy has saved lives. (6:34pm)
ALIV15: Paul is legit (6:34pm)
Leo Getz: word (6:35pm)
Leo Getz: (6:38pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Can't wait to look into this guy (6:50pm)
ALIV15: Dude rules (6:53pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Dorito biddin' (7:11pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: I always mix up gorp and garp (7:16pm)
Kevin:: Drunk buying Doritos online... Classic (7:20pm)
ALIV15: the world according to gorp (7:21pm)
Kevin:: AL'S SPOOOORRTZ (7:21pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Sounds Canadian (7:28pm)
Etrene888: fuck face zionist israelis (7:28pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Sounds voivodian (7:34pm)
KORN-Y: lol (7:35pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: They're no phleg camp. (7:42pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Creepshow story with Sam Malone (7:48pm)
Kevin: Blood Beach classic bad monster flick (7:50pm)
Stab Master Arson: is that Shit Talker 1.2 by jaundice? (7:51pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: You are welcome (7:53pm)
juanrapido: blame it on rio (7:53pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Love you (7:53pm)
ALIV15: lol (7:53pm)
ALIV15: blame it on rio, michael caine is hella wrong he had a crush on a 10 year old (7:54pm)
Kevin: Well he is Anglish (7:56pm)