Chatroom History
July 24, 2016 6:00pm - 8:29pm

ALIV15: cheap hooch is awesome (6:18pm)
ALIV15: (6:23pm)
Craven Rock: I thought someone was going to explain how this game works! (6:24pm)
Craven Rock: How is it played?! (6:28pm)
fio: Cory with the brilliant app idea. Can get behind Katamari app 100% (6:30pm)
heavy c: voivod (6:45pm)
fio: Dayglo Abortions (6:46pm)
Craven Rock: In Norfolk, Va at My Mama's Kitchen you can get a hot dog with Baked Beans, Mac & Cheese and cornbread crumbles. I think it's called the comfort dog. It's dreamy! (7:02pm)
fio: John Farnham for the break? Siqq (7:05pm)
fio: He also did the Savage Streets theme song, soooo good (7:08pm)
ALIV15: (7:26pm)
fio: (7:30pm)
heavy c: fingered w/ lydia lunch (7:34pm)
fio: Jim Van Bebber's My Sweet Satan (7:37pm)
fio: Trump Rally is the Heavy Metal Parking Lot of American racism (7:38pm)
ALIV15: ^^^^^^^^ (7:42pm)
Craven Rock: Dancing Outlaw big cult doc in the South about a tap dancing, hick who often thinks he's Elvis! (7:44pm)
Craven Rock: Terminator X quit PE to run an ostrich farm (7:53pm)