Chatroom History
July 25, 2016 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Miss Kae oz: howdy Sex C folks (10:12pm)
NoiVad: sexual herassment but what about sexual hisassment? (10:18pm)
Miss Kae oz: dork (10:19pm)
NoiVad: I tried Bobba Fett Life but there were no jetpacks :/ (10:21pm)
Miss Kae oz: you are in a goofy mood tonight (10:21pm)
Miss Kae oz: :) (10:23pm)
NoiVad: Wasn%u2019t Sha'di the "name" of the woman that only spoke isreali in BBC%u2019s Coupling? (10:24pm)
NoiVad: I usually am up for word play (10:24pm)
Miss Kae oz: I didn't watch that show enough (10:26pm)