Chatroom History
July 26, 2016 6:00pm - 8:19pm

timmmii: go further down the well (6:19pm)
timmmii: with timmmii (6:19pm)
timmmii: live till 8pm PT (6:19pm)
ed: sorry...bill clinton is speaking and i gotta duck out. (7:04pm)
jon: Walking into deep tracks. Syncing with the DNC is completely possible! (7:10pm)
timmmii: np ed (7:12pm)
timmmii: hahahah yes jon! (7:12pm)
ed: he's still got it...what a speech. (7:56pm)
timmmii: that's what everyone is saying on twitter (7:57pm)
timmmii: i'll watch it later (7:57pm)
ed: that's why i voted for him in 92 (7:57pm)
timmmii: me too (7:58pm)