Chatroom History
July 28, 2016 12:00pm - 2:29pm

Ich bin ein Atom: Haha! This was my commute song this morning. :) (12:05pm)
DJ MEOW: It's a good one!! Welcome Atom (12:06pm)
Ich bin ein Atom: Hi DJ Meow! Hi Doc! (12:07pm)
DJ MEOW: Welcome back Dr!! (12:09pm)
DrPantz: free at last free at last thank god i am free at last (1:01pm)
DJ MEOW: OH MY!!! (1:01pm)
DrPantz: meetings = more work for Dr Pantz to do (1:02pm)
DJ MEOW: welcome! (1:02pm)
DrPantz: thanks, nice to hear ya ;p (1:02pm)
Ich bin ein Atom: Cool, I turn away for a minute and come back to the hypnotic voice of Edward Ka-Spel (1:04pm)
DJ MEOW: ya never know!! (1:05pm)
DrPantz: high (1:08pm)
DJ MEOW: Very!! or looking to get high. People are so strange!! (1:12pm)
DrPantz: aren't they though (1:12pm)
DJ MEOW: Animals (1:12pm)
DrPantz: sheesh (1:12pm)
DrPantz: /me hangs head low (1:12pm)
DrPantz: how has your week been? (1:13pm)
DJ MEOW: Pretty good. Busy!! I have today off. very happy!! (1:14pm)
DJ MEOW: You sound super busy! (1:14pm)
DrPantz: it's been harrible Dj Meow (1:14pm)
DrPantz: hopefully things will slow down a bit in the fall (1:16pm)
DJ MEOW: Things always chill out in the fall. (1:16pm)
DrPantz: i have been thinking of the smell of autumn lately (1:17pm)
DrPantz: that tends to happen when it's been hot for a long time (1:17pm)
DJ MEOW: True!! (1:18pm)
DrPantz: in order not to lose my mind in this cubicle i have been listening to anicent civilization podcasts and ambient music (1:19pm)
DrPantz: i think i may have listened to just about every youtube on that subject over the last several months (1:20pm)
DJ MEOW: nice!! it's good to keep some sanity (1:20pm)
DrPantz: you can go through an entire genre given enough time (1:20pm)
DrPantz: i want to get some DMT or lesser psychadelic (1:21pm)
DrPantz: i need a jump start (1:21pm)
DrPantz: all i can find is herb ,it's really good, but it's not the right stuff (1:21pm)
DJ MEOW: it is a good thing to do. Highly recommend (1:21pm)
DrPantz: maybe i have to start growing morning glories or something (1:22pm)
DJ MEOW: there is probably an easier way ;) (1:22pm)
DrPantz: lightbulb (1:23pm)
DrPantz: i am all for easier ways, and we will table that ;p (1:24pm)
DJ MEOW: agreed (1:24pm)
DrPantz: now rock my face off (1:24pm)
Ich bin ein Atom: I love when you play the Cocteau Twins! (1:27pm)
DJ MEOW: they are so brilliant!! (1:27pm)
DrPantz: patron sounds really cool (1:36pm)
DrPantz: that guitar at the end of your talk was badass (1:36pm)
DrPantz: words (1:36pm)
DJ MEOW: it is very cool. (1:36pm)
DJ MEOW: thats the mermen (1:37pm)
DrPantz: i LOVE psychic TV (1:41pm)
DrPantz: you are simply the best! (1:41pm)
DJ MEOW: They are quite wonderful (1:41pm)
DrPantz: this 2nd half has been very interesting (1:43pm)
DJ MEOW: I Hope in a good way? (1:44pm)
DrPantz: of course! (1:44pm)
DrPantz: lots of new stuff for me (1:44pm)
DrPantz: i can't put my finger on the theme of this one - threw me some curves (1:44pm)
DJ MEOW: trying to mix it up a bit (1:46pm)
DrPantz: i am glad you are - we are on a journey here (1:46pm)
DrPantz: Dj Mepws BSides (1:47pm)
DrPantz: oh fuck yes (1:47pm)
DrPantz: this will take my buzz to a better place (1:50pm)
DJ MEOW: nice!!! (1:50pm)
Ich bin ein Atom: Great set. I need to be buzzed. More Irish in my coffee please (1:51pm)
DJ MEOW: HAHAHA (1:52pm)
DrPantz: man, it's already over, pbbbt (1:59pm)
DrPantz: Hi Mike (1:59pm)
Ich bin ein Atom: Later DJ Meow! (2:00pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow Out!!xoxo (2:00pm)
DrPantz: bye (2:02pm)
DrPantz: you guys are the best, have a great rest of your week (2:02pm)