Chatroom History
July 16, 2016 12:00pm - 2:10pm

Deeb: LAM! (12:01pm)
HeywoodJablowme: Loving this set (12:05pm)
jesikachrist: last time i was in the studio, there was no turntable. glad you guys got your shit together (12:10pm)
!LAM!: ah shucks Jesika! Thank Ya!! (12:41pm)
jesikachrist: lol. hey will! (12:43pm)
Lord Godgore: That was fun. Should do this regularly (12:48pm)
WILL: hell yeah brother!! (1:04pm)
!LAM!: FUCKIN' HEAVY!! (1:21pm)
Deeb: SLAYER!! (1:29pm)
!LAM!: MotorLayer earlier (1:32pm)
Deeb: yes! Sacrilege BC! (1:35pm)
ZODD: Rage! (1:39pm)
!LAM!: you left your vapor'er (1:42pm)
!LAM!: saw ree just noticed (1:42pm)
ZODD: Anthrax! (1:52pm)
!LAM!: \m/\m/ (1:59pm)