Chatroom History
July 31, 2016 6:00pm - 6:31pm

ALIV15: hello out there in ILL CON LAND (6:04pm)
Dave S: Hello (6:04pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: New dad, who dis?! (6:10pm)
Dave S: Dam mpcu is on it (6:11pm)
ALIV15: it is (6:12pm)
a snake a snack: Stay woke. That phone done hacked! (6:12pm)
Ron Stark: Hellz ya!! Charles rulez!! (6:19pm)
Ron Stark: Told ya!! (6:21pm)
a snake a snack: Metal Umlaut Index (6:21pm)
Dave S: Yep thats def him (6:21pm)
Scot-aka-lord-halvah: Tammy had a kid? Mazel tov! (6:23pm)
Ron Stark: Boost da gain on charles' mic!! (6:23pm)
Dave S: I still have yahoo haha (6:24pm)
Dave S: I think he has wrote in to ppr (6:25pm)
Ron Stark: Is it a yeti cooler? (6:26pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: nah, new dad. Who dissed my last dad. Thanks for bringing it up Scawt... (6:27pm)
Dave S: $35 but worth it (6:28pm)
Dave S: Comes with 2 beers according to pics (6:28pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: How hasn't Al made a MC PeeYuu joke yet? (6:30pm)
ALIV15: beccause theyyyy stinkkkk (6:30pm)