Chatroom History
July 29, 2016 10:00am - 12:30pm

*jOsiE*: hola FACOOOOOOOO! (10:09am)
itsfaco: o (10:14am)
itsfaco: hell (10:14am)
itsfaco: ya! (10:14am)
itsfaco: wassup Josie!!!!!! (10:14am)
*jOsiE*: today is my last day working @ the sign Reign has ended (10:15am)
itsfaco: O shit! (10:16am)
itsfaco: you (10:16am)
itsfaco: are (10:16am)
itsfaco: a (10:16am)
itsfaco: Legend (10:16am)
itsfaco: what you want to hear yo? (10:17am)
*jOsiE*: los straight jackets would be good, i never complain about your selections (10:18am)
LADYSHACKLES: Hell yeah. Take the high road. The low roads are dead ends. Peace, Faco! (11:04am)
LADYSHACKLES: "when they go low, we go high." (11:10am)
LADYSHACKLES: Let's all get high, TOGETHER. Forever. (11:12am)
itsfaco: o (11:30am)
itsfaco: fuck (11:30am)
itsfaco: ya (11:30am)
itsfaco: shouts out to LADYSHACKLES (11:30am)
itsfaco: Josie (11:31am)
itsfaco: your song next! (11:31am)
*jOsiE*: THANK YOU! (11:31am)