Chatroom History
August 9, 2016 6:00pm - 8:21pm

timmmii: send more potatoes (6:48pm)
ed: fire up the carrots... (6:50pm)
timmmii: and tomatoes (6:53pm)
timmmii: just discovered this one (6:54pm)
timmmii: a late night cranker for sure (6:54pm)
ed: audion...fuckin' a. (7:09pm)
ed: got any black sabbath? (7:22pm)
timmmii: hahahah (7:23pm)
timmmii: did you watch that cartoon? (7:23pm)
timmmii: i wish i had a clever sabbath remix. best i could do is a sabbath matchup but i'm not much for mashups (7:23pm)
ed: i heard a nice mashup with blondie (7:28pm)
ed: s (7:28pm)
ed: rapture and jim morrison's riders of the storm... (7:29pm)
ed: dj am (7:29pm)
timmmii: ooooh, i have that one (7:29pm)
timmmii: the rapture (7:30pm)
ed: play it! (7:30pm)
timmmii: dunno if i have that on this computer (7:30pm)
timmmii: i'll look (7:30pm)
ed: i can wait (7:30pm)
timmmii: seriously, i've played that a TON in live dj sets (7:30pm)
timmmii: it's a go-to (7:30pm)
ed: i just heard it on the dj am tribute doc on hbo (7:30pm)
timmmii: i'll send you that dude's full album (7:30pm)
ed: sweet...\ (7:31pm)
timmmii: i saw dj am in SF about 10 years ago, before he passed (7:31pm)
ed: before xanax guided him to crack... (7:31pm)
timmmii: oh and check this TOKiMONSTA album (7:31pm)
timmmii: right (7:31pm)
timmmii: she's so good (7:31pm)
ed: thanks for the tip (7:31pm)
ed: reminds me a little of fila brazillia's style (7:32pm)
timmmii: i LOOOOVE Fila Brazillia (7:38pm)
ed: it's funny to hear the music in the background of those 'down the well' shoutouts (7:38pm)
timmmii: i know, i was just thinking the same (7:38pm)
timmmii: that was in a bar on 24th and valencia (7:38pm)
timmmii: ed - i have it! (7:47pm)
timmmii: can't get it to play, oh well, i'll send you (7:53pm)
ed: thanks for tryin' though. (7:56pm)
Michele K-tel: Bang Bang (8:07pm)