Chatroom History
August 21, 2016 4:00pm - 6:30pm

MPCU: greetings (5:59pm)
ALIV15: hello people (6:01pm)
Stephen: HELLO AL (6:02pm)
Stephen: I AM ENJOYING TACO WRAPS (6:02pm)
MPCU: hello stephen do you need a beverage (6:02pm)
KORY: Hooacksss xoxo (6:04pm)
ALIV15: taco wraps sound good (6:06pm)
Stephen: I do need a beverage! No IPA's tho...done with those. (6:06pm)
MPCU: beaming you a pilsner via timespace folding (6:10pm)
DavidS: 1 cum wine please MPCU (6:10pm)
Stephen: GOT THE PILSNER. MPCU on that 10 gigabit connection (6:11pm)
HAN: MPCU!!!!!!!!!!!! (6:13pm)
Joseh: I'll take a mom wine my dude (6:13pm)
HAN: ZARDOZ (6:15pm)
Stephen: Sara, Zardoz is like Time Bandits with a nearly nude Sean Connery. (6:16pm)
HAN: Lots of red leather loin cloths. (6:16pm)
HAN: Aesthetic taste is pretty subjective, but if a movie is racist, sexist, or homophobic then I'm out. (6:22pm)
fio: Love hearing about Food Fight. (6:23pm)
Stephen: Really wanted him to answer. I wanted this to be uncomfortable as possible. (6:26pm)
Stephen: Anyone watch The Tick on Amazon? It might be a hit. (6:29pm)