Chatroom History
August 23, 2016 6:00pm - 8:21pm

timmmii: let's do it (6:12pm)
timmmii: you are Down The Well (6:12pm)
timmmii: i'm your host for the next 2 hours (6:12pm)
timmmii: the best in new electronic (6:12pm)
ed: space sounds make the world go round... (6:13pm)
timmmii: hey there ed (6:17pm)
ed: hi timmmii...i's just sprayin' on yer walls... (6:31pm)
ed: what's the proper title of this kevin sauderson stuff (jungle?dubstep?) (6:32pm)
timmmii: this is straight up techno (6:33pm)
timmmii: Detroit Techno (6:33pm)
ed: i likey (6:33pm)
timmmii: he played a role in inventing techno music (6:33pm)
timmmii: he's been around since the 80s (6:33pm)
ed: nice stuff...captures an essence (6:34pm)
timmmii: i really like Synkro, which is playing now. chill bassy type music (6:53pm)
ed: i love it...was just in the process of trying to spell synkro (6:53pm)
timmmii: i will say, because this is a Helios remix, it sounds like a mix of both artists. (6:54pm)
timmmii: the dreamier sounds are Helios (6:54pm)
ed: it's a real familiar vibe (6:55pm)
timmmii: which i also like, Helios is good chill/ambient music (6:55pm)
timmmii: yes (6:55pm)
timmmii: there's a Helios live album that's quite good (6:55pm)
ed: helios! (6:56pm)
timmmii: this here is acid music (7:00pm)
timmmii: as in, do acid and listen to this (7:00pm)
ed: oh yeah. (7:00pm)
ed: i love this...oddly reminiscent of throbbing gristle (7:01pm)
timmmii: yes (7:02pm)
timmmii: agreed (7:02pm)
ed: nice lineup on spacelab (7:21pm)
timmmii: yeah, a odd blend of several diff versions (7:25pm)