Chatroom History
August 28, 2016 6:00pm - 8:29pm

KORY: yo yo yoy oyoyoyo (6:02pm)
Stephen: KUMITE (6:05pm)
Stephen: Shout out to my homie Scot who never said anything about eating those Swede Oreos. (6:06pm)
ALIV15: lol (6:09pm)
Stephen: Burp vomit on the mic. Ripping of Kissing Contest. (6:09pm)
ALIV15: oyoyoyo (6:09pm)
Stephen: off (6:09pm)
Dave S: Best song (6:15pm)
scot: Stephen my review of the oreos is a special project. stay tuned. (6:19pm)
scot: however I did get drunk and eat the entire bag of actual swedish fish so I'll never really know what those tasted like (6:20pm)
MURPHAY!: Those Oreos are frightening (6:24pm)
Dave S: Creed has always had good defense (6:28pm)
Kevin: The longest Al's Sports segment EVER! And Shelby's even prolonging it. YES! But no to Creed (6:28pm)
ALIV15: :) (6:30pm)
Dave S: Ancient aliens is a good slam jam for trying to fall asleep (6:34pm)
ALIV15: no fucking manners (6:45pm)
Burning Dan: sup brehs (6:45pm)
KORY: yoyoyo (6:45pm)
Burning Dan: you guys suck fuck this show (6:48pm)
KORY: true (6:48pm)
Burning Dan: how does al feel about crop circles? (6:48pm)
ALIV15: bonafied tweekers burning dan (6:52pm)
Burning Dan: thank you al you are important to me (6:53pm)
ALIV15: thanks shelby cobras aka burning dan (6:53pm)
Burning Dan: dont ever accuse me of being that piece of dogshit (6:54pm)
ALIV15: well if that's dogshit, it probably blooms roses (6:54pm)
Burning Dan: every rose has its thorn bb (6:58pm)
MURPHAY!: Scot do you know about Lunchables Uploaded (7:00pm)
MURPHAY!: There's one in the studio that's expired -- would you eat Y/N (7:00pm)
Burning Dan: ground control to major border boss (7:00pm)
MURPHAY!: "Beef Walking Taco" for your reference ATTN BORDER BAWSE (7:00pm)
scot: I know Lunchables Uploaded is a thing but never explored the upload part (7:03pm)
scot: is it just uploading it to your mouth? (7:04pm)
scot: or are you supposed to igram your l'bles? (7:04pm)
scot: damned #1 (7:04pm)
scot: lively arts #1 damned song (7:05pm)
MURPHAY!: It alleges "ground beef in sauce" (7:06pm)
scot: expired sauce (7:06pm)
scot: crack it open (7:06pm)
MURPHAY!: It's been in the Radio Valencia studio for a while (7:06pm)
scot: they are SHELF STABLE (7:06pm)
MURPHAY!: Will mail to you (7:06pm)
MURPHAY!: It expired in July (7:07pm)
scot: just dump the beef sauce in a flat-rate (7:07pm)
scot: this song was good until a cartoon beagle started jowling over it (7:09pm)
scot: oh I feel sick if I complimented ween. I feel sick and dead. (7:12pm)
MURPHAY!: RIP (again) Scot (7:12pm)
scot: I feel like I just ate an expired 'chables (7:13pm)
Stephen: I intended the Fish to be a baseline, but I would have eaten the whole bag too. (7:16pm)
scot: Honestly I probably wasn't even that drunk. I am what the locals call a "lite weight" (7:16pm)
ALIV15: light weight means you're a financially savvy drunk (7:17pm)
scot: interested parties can get me there very affordably (7:18pm)
Stephen: I too, am a lite weight. (7:18pm)
Stephen: Two beers and I am rather tipsy. (7:19pm)
Stephen: I am not ashamed. (7:19pm)
scot: cory better not be talking about me putting damn words in my mouth (7:20pm)
scot: I know about piutocracy ffs (7:20pm)
MURPHAY!: Scot we know you know (7:20pm)
scot: t.moles (7:23pm)
scot: am I the first to come up with that? (7:23pm)
scot: t'moles (7:23pm)
scot: moi (7:24pm)
scot: i like this background music. send me some stems. (7:26pm)
MURPHAY!: Cory handles the bed music -- he can hook you up (7:29pm)
scot: *drumming fingers* (7:29pm)
Burning Dan: bruno spoerri (7:30pm)
Burning Dan: Lischalte (7:30pm)
scot: TY (7:32pm)
scot: that sounds also economical (7:33pm)
KORY: lol (7:33pm)
scot: i can slow my pulse to nearly nothing (7:33pm)
scot: come 'n git it (7:33pm)
Burning Dan: on my way bb (7:34pm)
scot: I just drank a bunch of gin but I'm out of swedish fish. not sure what to do. (7:39pm)
ALIV15: get some skittles sucka (7:41pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Randee of the redwoods - vj (7:44pm)
ALIV15: randee of the redwoods was dope , saw him perform comedy in 1987 hella funny (7:44pm)
scot: mine is adam curry but only when he put on his Hard 60 fringed leather metal jacket (7:46pm)
scot: more like todd rundgren cosplaying bon jovi (7:47pm)
Dave S: Good fringe to mullet ratio (7:47pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Adam C was very comforting he was always there for me. (7:49pm)
scot: i thought boracho was the drink I was supposed to try (7:49pm)
scot: a music factory (7:49pm)
Burning Dan: horchata you fuckin idiot (7:49pm)
scot: o rite borchata (7:49pm)
scot: polak mashup borschata (7:50pm)
scot: ballwash (7:51pm)
scot: golden ballwash (7:52pm)
scot: death angel smokez (7:52pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Welcome to the 3rd floor (7:52pm)
scot: post ur favorite mark osegueda dread (7:52pm)
Dave S: I used to love Act III (7:54pm)
scot: yeah man. email me. (7:55pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Frolic though the park (7:56pm)
scot: O SHIT (7:56pm)
scot: I'm busy (7:56pm)
scot: fuck the west. (7:56pm)
ALIV15: lol laugh all you want watch sports in the west coast and your life is bettah (7:57pm)
scot: get demilich over here, dude. I have asked. (7:57pm)
scot: official request. (7:57pm)
Dave S: We too Far East Shelby (7:57pm)
Burning Dan: sorry bb (7:57pm)
scot: wtf is in rochester? (7:57pm)
scot: that is close. tell whoever to stop by. (7:58pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Horizontal boogie bar (7:58pm)
scot: I'll grill up the beef. the "beef" (7:58pm)
scot: cory believes in kitt lol (7:58pm)
ALIV15: gnite (7:59pm)
scot: A SHHTOOOLEN BASSE (7:59pm)