Chatroom History
August 27, 2016 10:00am - 2:28pm

!LAM!..: Good Morning VIETNAM!!!! (10:21am)
ZODD: I have arrived! (10:56am)
Anus Immortus: Manny! Zodd! \m/\m/ (10:58am)
!LAM!..: Hola!! Anus!!! (11:00am)
Anus Immortus: You guys don't play Napalm Death very often , it's cool to hear it now \m/ (12:50pm)
!LAM!..: ZODDster!! (1:28pm)
!LAM!..: Bleeding Priest (1:29pm)
Anus Immortus: Coming up next, the hipsterness that is Shindig Nation! (2:00pm)
DICK!: DICK! (2:06pm)