Chatroom History
September 4, 2016 6:00pm - 6:32pm

gooniestorm: new theme song is bangin, my dudes. (6:03pm)
JahBuddhaFan420: sick killer (6:11pm)
fio: Niiiiiice Al!!! (6:15pm)
fio: You guys try any of the new Lays flavors/ (6:18pm)
fio: ? (6:19pm)
gooniestorm: go deep on al (6:20pm)
ALIV15: lol (6:23pm)
deathmeatal: only in canada would there be a death metal professor (6:24pm)
fio: Anybody wanna sell me an Alanis Ford Taurus-ette? (6:25pm)
deathmeatal: best of Al jokes (6:26pm)
deathmeatal: plz (6:26pm)
deathmeatal: Al mo be there (6:27pm)
Kevin: Shelby, stories about being on the road. Bring It! (6:29pm)