Chatroom History
September 4, 2016 6:00pm - 8:30pm

gooniestorm: new theme song is bangin, my dudes. (6:03pm)
JahBuddhaFan420: sick killer (6:11pm)
fio: Niiiiiice Al!!! (6:15pm)
fio: You guys try any of the new Lays flavors/ (6:18pm)
fio: ? (6:19pm)
gooniestorm: go deep on al (6:20pm)
ALIV15: lol (6:23pm)
deathmeatal: only in canada would there be a death metal professor (6:24pm)
fio: Anybody wanna sell me an Alanis Ford Taurus-ette? (6:25pm)
deathmeatal: best of Al jokes (6:26pm)
deathmeatal: plz (6:26pm)
deathmeatal: Al mo be there (6:27pm)
Kevin: Shelby, stories about being on the road. Bring It! (6:29pm)
Kevin: Where's the laugh track ?! (6:36pm)
deathmeatal: MPCU!!! (6:46pm)
deathmeatal: I need a beer (6:46pm)
#AlJokesRule: I'm really stoked about the return of MPCU (6:47pm)
Kevin: Talking Ill Con (6:48pm)
deathmeatal: I play in a rock band called Plutonium (6:48pm)
deathmeatal: We play only the heaviest metal (6:48pm)
#AlJokesRule: Did Sara see baby legs Eric in Santa Cruz? (6:50pm)
Kevin: Eddie Syzurphands, medicine bottles for hands (6:52pm)
Kevin: AllllllllllsssssssssSpppppoooorrrrrr tz (6:58pm)
MURPHAY!: No Baby Legs Eric for me -- that would have been cool tho (7:07pm)
deathmeatal: Big T rock block (7:08pm)
Kevin: Yeah! (7:24pm)
Kevin: Touchdown Cobras (7:25pm)
Kevin: Cobras is on fire (7:27pm)
Kevin: Touchdown Cobras (7:27pm)
Kevin: Shelbybebad (7:28pm)
Kevin: Cobras Nation (7:29pm)
Eeewwww: nocalal (7:36pm)
ALIV15: what a jerk (7:43pm)
Eeewwww: beat (7:45pm)
fio: The Plague Dogs came out in '82. Good year for bummer animated flicks (7:50pm)
ALIV15: or white dog (7:54pm)
Eeewwww: NWH I needed Aland PK to explauin it to me (7:55pm)
Eeewwww: Martin Short!!! (7:56pm)
dAVE s: my fav song! (8:00pm)