Chatroom History
September 5, 2016 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Perfect_Timing: Uh oh... Is this working? (10:04pm)
The Professor: It is indeed, PT! (10:09pm)
Miss Kae oz: howdy folks (10:10pm)
Perfect_Timing: "The Great Dusty" (10:11pm)
Perfect_Timing: "The World's Shittiest Gated Community" (10:11pm)
Perfect_Timing: I can't take credit for that. (10:13pm)
Perfect_Timing: That's a migraine alright. (10:14pm)
Perfect_Timing: What are so bad about balls? (10:15pm)
Perfect_Timing: Jewish deli sci-fi, (10:15pm)
Perfect_Timing: I celebrated last night and broke myself. (10:16pm)
Perfect_Timing: Overdone. (10:16pm)
Perfect_Timing: DON'T GIVE IN TO THE NOTHING! (10:19pm)
Perfect_Timing: "Be sure to visit your local library!" (10:20pm)
Perfect_Timing: Anything else. (10:20pm)
Perfect_Timing: To have your enemy driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their women.... (10:22pm)
Perfect_Timing: She was a hippy.. Born in... the 30s....? (10:23pm)
Perfect_Timing: The rockbiter (10:24pm)
Perfect_Timing: ? (10:24pm)
Perfect_Timing: Eugene? (10:25pm)
Perfect_Timing: Cheese Enema (10:25pm)
Perfect_Timing: You're missing NOTHING. (10:26pm)
Perfect_Timing: The McChicken is the poor man's Fleshlight. (10:26pm)
Perfect_Timing: Beat me to it by 1.3 seconds. (10:27pm)
Perfect_Timing: (10:28pm)
Perfect_Timing: Mayonnaise. (10:28pm)
Perfect_Timing: Ow (10:29pm)
Dr.Doombunny:: Yes, it did. (10:29pm)