Chatroom History
September 9, 2016 12:00pm - 2:30pm

ms.margarita: thanks for tuning in (12:18pm)
lmrdz2: do you know how many listeners you have? (1:55pm)
lmrdz2: Hola preciosa (1:55pm)
lmrdz2: que viva juanga! (1:57pm)
del619: Esoo!!!! (2:07pm)
Toonie408: Dancing (2:14pm)
Toonie408: Bad ass jam (2:22pm)
Toonie408: <3 (2:24pm)
Toonie408: Oops that was supposed to be a heart lol (2:25pm)
del619: del619 (2:27pm)
del619: damn i know someone who loves her some Smokey (2:28pm)