Chatroom History
September 11, 2016 6:00pm - 6:31pm

Stephen: I'm just gonna eat this whole bag of Korean BBQ chips. (6:00pm)
Josh Welf: IM A FUCKIMG IDIET (6:01pm)
a snake a snack: All BBQ is the king of chip flavors others are straight bammer (6:02pm)
Stephen: The Moscow Mule is a hard PASS (6:02pm)
Josh Welf: R U GUISE ON D AIR (6:02pm)
Josh Welf: IS THIS HORAX? (6:03pm)
Stephen: Hi Welf (6:03pm)
Josh Welf: HI BUD (6:03pm)
Josh Welf: IM WASTID (6:03pm)
Stephen: I'm glad you are in a good place. (6:04pm)
ALIV15: good going boys Welf > AlDrunk (6:05pm)
Josh Welf: im j/k stephen its shelby posting under a false name (6:05pm)
Josh Welf: still luv u horax (6:05pm)
Stephen: I don't know what to believe anymore. (6:06pm)
a snake a snack: Ughh i might just go watch alter states on vhs. (6:08pm)
a snake a snack: Oh I jsut found an old Morgion CD. That'll do (6:10pm)
Kevin: Cucumber Lime is a BANG count it! The Dank Cinque! (6:12pm)
Josh Welf: sanq (6:12pm)
a snake a snack: Is there a store brand of gatorace? (6:13pm)
KORY: socko (6:13pm)
a snake a snack: One time i got too many lives and then they just put pictoglyphs (6:17pm)
a snake a snack: Is that woke? (6:17pm)
ALIV15: who knows (6:19pm)
Stephen: I stopped eating the bag. I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror tomorrow. (6:20pm)
a snake a snack: I bet anthony fontano will review em (6:25pm)
Dave S: This band should podcast (6:28pm)
a snake a snack: I was so ready to hate this but this is great. (6:28pm)