Chatroom History
September 11, 2016 6:00pm - 8:28pm

Stephen: I'm just gonna eat this whole bag of Korean BBQ chips. (6:00pm)
Josh Welf: IM A FUCKIMG IDIET (6:01pm)
a snake a snack: All BBQ is the king of chip flavors others are straight bammer (6:02pm)
Stephen: The Moscow Mule is a hard PASS (6:02pm)
Josh Welf: R U GUISE ON D AIR (6:02pm)
Josh Welf: IS THIS HORAX? (6:03pm)
Stephen: Hi Welf (6:03pm)
Josh Welf: HI BUD (6:03pm)
Josh Welf: IM WASTID (6:03pm)
Stephen: I'm glad you are in a good place. (6:04pm)
ALIV15: good going boys Welf > AlDrunk (6:05pm)
Josh Welf: im j/k stephen its shelby posting under a false name (6:05pm)
Josh Welf: still luv u horax (6:05pm)
Stephen: I don't know what to believe anymore. (6:06pm)
a snake a snack: Ughh i might just go watch alter states on vhs. (6:08pm)
a snake a snack: Oh I jsut found an old Morgion CD. That'll do (6:10pm)
Kevin: Cucumber Lime is a BANG count it! The Dank Cinque! (6:12pm)
Josh Welf: sanq (6:12pm)
a snake a snack: Is there a store brand of gatorace? (6:13pm)
KORY: socko (6:13pm)
a snake a snack: One time i got too many lives and then they just put pictoglyphs (6:17pm)
a snake a snack: Is that woke? (6:17pm)
ALIV15: who knows (6:19pm)
Stephen: I stopped eating the bag. I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror tomorrow. (6:20pm)
a snake a snack: I bet anthony fontano will review em (6:25pm)
Dave S: This band should podcast (6:28pm)
a snake a snack: I was so ready to hate this but this is great. (6:28pm)
Dave S: Yo da welf? (6:34pm)
Dave S: I haven't got my chattahooooch shirt yet (6:39pm)
Dave S: I'm a big welf fan now (6:41pm)
ALIV15: welf rules (6:41pm)
a snake a snack: The pan on that punx band was put of the world (6:42pm)
a snake a snack: This is another HARRRRRD pan recording (6:48pm)
KORY: we are not in stereo? (6:49pm)
Scot and shit whatever: I also have not received my shirt. (6:51pm)
MURPHAY!: Which shirt (6:52pm)
MURPHAY!: I've gotten no shirts (6:52pm)
MURPHAY!: Waiting for AJ and CDS (6:52pm)
Dave S: Neither shirt for me also (6:57pm)
Dave S: Chili dogs everywhere dogs surfing with sunglasses...FUCK california Amorites (7:03pm)
Dave S: I'm right (7:04pm)
Scot: nice just logged in to hear the commando song. (7:05pm)
Dave S: This has been playing the whole show (7:07pm)
Dave S: Hi Scot (7:07pm)
Scot: it's all I want to hear so I vote you just keep playing it (7:07pm)
Scot: hi!1! (7:07pm)
Scot: pretty sure it's power station (7:08pm)
Dave S: You're not going to believe this but they talked about slam metal earlier (7:08pm)
Scot: I love power station. I might get a tattoo. (7:08pm)
Dave S: I loved that album with bang a gong (7:08pm)
Scot: is tonight the dank cinque? (7:09pm)
Josh Welf: yes (7:10pm)
Scot: ahhh what pleasure. (7:10pm)
Dave S: Welf called in! It has been a dream night! (7:11pm)
Scot: fuck welf (7:11pm)
Scot: (sike j/k sike) (7:12pm)
Dave S: Jfd! (7:19pm)
Scot: sausage party was a wet dump (7:20pm)
MURPHAY!: Agree (7:22pm)
Dave S: I slept through the middle and woke up during the orgy (7:23pm)
Kevin: Maid Marian was a fox. Get it!? (7:23pm)
Kevin: DO IT LIVE!!! (7:24pm)
Dave S: FUCK IT!!! (7:24pm)
Scot: I hate sound effects (7:25pm)
a snake a snack: Siqqqq piqqqsss (7:25pm)
Dave S: Border boss effects are p good tho (7:25pm)
Scot: they are like overcompensation for YOU KNOW WHAT (7:26pm)
Dave S: High cholesterol? I have that to (7:28pm)
a snake a snack: Dark night of the scarecrow (7:28pm)
Kevin: Trilogy Of Terror w/ Karen Black (7:29pm)
a snake a snack: Well played. (7:30pm)
Scot: salems lot (7:30pm)
Dave S: Embrace of the Vampire with a nude Alyssa Milano. I don't know why I remember it so well (7:30pm)
a snake a snack: Whats the one were the teen accidently kills a girl and his mother hides him in the walls? Early 1980s (7:31pm)
Scot: (7:33pm)
Dave S: Remember that hdd (7:34pm)
a snake a snack: scot Thanks!!! (7:35pm)
Scot: looks daaaank (7:35pm)
Dave S: Oh shit I don't think that Alyssa Milano movie was made for tv??? (7:35pm)
Scot: was the gnome movie more dreary and serious than the show? I remember that being a curse of older animated movies like the smurfs movie and shit (7:36pm)
ALIV15: at a snake a snack any actor/actresses do you remember (7:36pm)
Scot: it was Bad Ronald, Al (7:37pm)
ALIV15: Thanks (7:37pm)
a snake a snack: Scot sent a link (7:37pm)
MURPHAY!: Totally drearier than David The Gnome (7:39pm)
Kevin: I think Duel was made for. (7:41pm)
Scot: On The Right Track. unless that was a joke question (7:42pm)
ALIV15: word (7:42pm)
ALIV15: it was the name of the movie (7:42pm)
Kevin: Correct (7:43pm)
Kevin: No joke (7:43pm)
Scot: schlamm dunk (7:43pm)
A snake a snack: Best ghoul pick: Threads - 1984 bbc film about the long term effects of a nuclear attack (7:44pm)
Scot: threads is tuff. (7:44pm)
Scot: the guttenberg nuke movie messed me up: age 8 or whatevz (7:45pm)
Kevin: The Day After (7:46pm)
ALIV15: lol damm Scot, you know that movie also (7:47pm)
Dave S: Kevin's unstoppable! (7:47pm)
ALIV15: According to Wiki it's the highest rated made for tv movie ever (7:48pm)
Scot: I am blanking on the name but... (7:49pm)
Scot: There's a children's book about an old couple (7:49pm)
Scot: surviving a nuclear war. (7:50pm)
Scot: from around the same time I think. it's all cutesy and cartoony and gentle. (7:50pm)
A snake a snack: That was real shit (7:50pm)
Scot: (7:50pm)
Scot: copy paste that. the chat room broke the link (7:51pm)
Scot: it's called When The Wind Blows. (7:51pm)
Scot: maybe not actually a children's book now that I look at it. oh well. (7:52pm)
Scot: here's a cartoon of it though. ENJOI. (7:53pm)
Dave S: I liked that story al. fuckin around at fast food jobs rules when your young (7:56pm)