Chatroom History
September 18, 2016 6:00pm - 6:31pm

ALIV15: hello (6:09pm)
gooniestorm: gooniestorm (6:17pm)
gooniestorm: hi guys (6:17pm)
Root Beer Thief: Was it john popper in anti paparazzi garb? (6:21pm)
gooniestorm: merced fucking suuuuucks my cousin lives there the whole town smells like meth (6:22pm)
KORY: v methy (6:27pm)
KORY: sup jason! (6:27pm)
Scot: I <3 U A.MAGZ (6:30pm)
Scot: THAT WAS A <3 (6:31pm)
Scot: WTF SOFTWARE (6:31pm)
Scot: looks like I am sending nuts, but it's a %u2665 (6:31pm)