Chatroom History
September 18, 2016 6:00pm - 8:29pm

ALIV15: hello (6:09pm)
gooniestorm: gooniestorm (6:17pm)
gooniestorm: hi guys (6:17pm)
Root Beer Thief: Was it john popper in anti paparazzi garb? (6:21pm)
gooniestorm: merced fucking suuuuucks my cousin lives there the whole town smells like meth (6:22pm)
KORY: v methy (6:27pm)
KORY: sup jason! (6:27pm)
Scot: I <3 U A.MAGZ (6:30pm)
Scot: THAT WAS A <3 (6:31pm)
Scot: WTF SOFTWARE (6:31pm)
Scot: looks like I am sending nuts, but it's a %u2665 (6:31pm)
Erik: PLS SEND MORE NUTS (6:34pm)
M0bile Party Command Cobras: hi scot i luh u bb (6:34pm)
ALIV15: more peeenutz (6:34pm)
Erik: pls (6:35pm)
gooniestorm: i think i like this lady (6:36pm)
M0bile Party Command Cobras: look her up, youve seen her in movies (6:37pm)
Scot: this chatterbox is trying to block all of my important discussion about my crush (6:41pm)
M0bile Party Command Cobras: chatterbox hella jellz (6:42pm)
Erik: NUTS ONLY PLS (6:42pm)
Erik: look I'm just kidding I don't care about nuts at all (6:43pm)
MURPHAY!: Keep Krushtalkin Scot! (6:44pm)
Root Beer Thief: She was on a comp of a bunch of bands covering john cage. (6:44pm)
Scot: Blocked, right? (6:54pm)
M0bile Party Command Cobras: wut (6:54pm)
Scot: I keep talking about my crush (6:55pm)
Scot: and it doesn't go through! (6:55pm)
Root Beer Thief: TIME JOKER!!! (6:57pm)
Erik: yah that's some time loop shit FER SURE we are not doing it on this end (6:59pm)
gooniestorm: this is giving me a bad trip (6:59pm)
Scot: synergy: I am drawing some gross parasite worms for an illustration project just as that song started talking about such worms. (7:01pm)
Scot: it's like I am in the band (7:01pm)
Erik: synchronicity is off the hook in the studio tonight too. just go with it (7:01pm)
Scot: who is responsible for the podcast town commercial? (7:03pm)
KORY: me (7:04pm)
dAVE s: sounds like bowmans wife grom jfd (7:04pm)
dAVE s: from (7:05pm)
Root Beer Thief: Parasite lady, parasite eyes... (7:06pm)
Scot: jesus... that beetlejuice thing makes me so mad (7:06pm)
MURPHAY!: sorry Scot :( (7:08pm)
Root Beer Thief: Oh I love alf. Yeah yeah yeah yeah (7:08pm)
Scot: dmd 4ever (7:09pm)
ALIV15: more like dad mad forever (7:09pm)
Root Beer Thief: Death metal dads is worthy of arm carving (7:10pm)
Scot: CDS zinger 100 100 100 (7:12pm)
dAVE s: eating meat chili now but no dogs in the house (7:15pm)
ALIV15: chili is still reasonable (7:15pm)
dAVE s: *meaty (7:16pm)
M0bile Party Command Cobras: i made the dankest chili earlier (7:16pm)
gooniestorm: FUKKKIN SIIIICK BRO (7:17pm)
Scot: I had chili for every meal today. I'll never surrender. (7:18pm)
M0bile Party Command Cobras: NEVER BACK DOWN (7:18pm)
Scot: So glad S. Murphy and I are in league on the original spoonman as well as horrocks' pearl jam infection. (7:18pm)
dAVE s: i miss the mighty HORRAX (7:19pm)
Scot: there's no way the barenaked ladies partied. (7:20pm)
Scot: all bullshit. (7:20pm)
Scot: this cory story couldn't possibly be more full of shit. (7:21pm)
MURPHAY!: Hashtag corystory (7:22pm)
Root Beer Thief: I think it sounds good (7:27pm)
dAVE s: haha that pumpkin guitar is beefy (7:27pm)
MURPHAY!: Scot that gross Lunchables taco thing is still in the studio if you want it btw (7:40pm)
Scot: bonfire of the vanities (7:42pm)
Scot: oh wait that' (7:42pm)
Scot: that's not him. BONER. (7:42pm)
Scot: I've read this book in tattoo form (7:44pm)
M0bile Party Command Cobras: fuck you (7:45pm)
KORY: which story (7:45pm)
Erik: damn scot excellent burn (7:49pm)
DaveS: lol (7:50pm)
M0bile Party Command Cobras: thought we were bros smdh (7:50pm)
DaveS: replace julian sands in any of bowmans fav movies with wilder (7:53pm)
Kevin: Ray Liotta was my pick for Riddler in Batman Forever (7:54pm)
ALIV15: dude that was good (7:54pm)
Kevin: SHLERMO !!! (7:55pm)
Scot: Chatterbox won't let me apologize and nor will my pride. (7:55pm)
DaveS: my chat box glitchy af (7:55pm)
gooniestorm: he"s on drugs (7:56pm)
gooniestorm: ray liota i mean (7:56pm)
Kevin: Cancelled J-Lo cop show (7:57pm)
Kevin: GENIUS! (7:57pm)
Kevin: Can GHOUL sacrifice Jello? (7:58pm)
A snake a snack: Nobody should replace quinton T (7:58pm)
A snake a snack: Litterally no one. Like a Garfield without Garfield scenario (7:59pm)
Kevin: Leathel Weapon (8:01pm)
DaveS: new dmd title is the best! (8:06pm)