Chatroom History
July 30, 2016 10:00am - 10:31am

Death By Defacation: \m/ Manny! \m/ (10:02am)
!LAM is in the Studio!: Howdy DBD!! (10:05am)
ZODD: Sleep! (10:23am)
!LAM is in the Studio!: yep, this is all FF set, he loved this band and OM! (10:24am)
!LAM is in the Studio!: ZODD can you swap dates with Prophet of Doom come this Aug> (10:26am)
ZODD: I'm scheduled 8/20 (10:28am)
ZODD: Metal Miki requesting TF Tics (10:28am)
ZODD: What date am I switching (10:29am)