Chatroom History
September 25, 2016 6:00pm - 8:30pm

fio: Is Tony down with Gasp? (6:17pm)
Eeewwww: My Sweet Lord? (6:45pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Impact? (6:58pm)
Chiliwack Roadie: Is that on Roku? (6:58pm)
fio: Te SpeciALs? (7:06pm)
Cobras: the specials, yes (7:07pm)
fio: Enjoy yourself, Shelby! (7:09pm)
Dave S: Icke is another level (7:11pm)
Scot: did I miss some specials chat? (7:11pm)
Dave S: Yeah it was short though (7:12pm)
Dave S: There's lots of cheering in all the Icke speeches on YouTube (7:19pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Where's Al? (7:26pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Is he ok? (7:26pm)
Cobras: passed out on drink (7:27pm)
fio: Shhhh, let him sleep (7:27pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: ADORABLE. (7:28pm)
Scot: I leave for like 5 minutes and come back to some cuckoo clock music (7:29pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: PUBLIC ENEMY OR GTFO (7:30pm)
Dave S: Only in my dreams is siqq (7:31pm)
A snake a snack: Wyld Stallyns (7:32pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Buncha metal dorks....I shoulda known better (7:33pm)
fio: Faithful Breath (7:34pm)
fio: (7:34pm)
Dave S: Morbid angel albums kept an pleasing aesthetic (7:34pm)
Dave S: Stryker (7:38pm)
Dave S: Stryper (7:38pm)
Dave S: Not as pleasing (7:39pm)
fio: Tribulation (7:39pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: You guys are losing your "urban" audience (7:40pm)
MURPHAY!: Yo. En Vogue -- SUPER 90s glam but also 60s girl group esque (7:42pm)
A snake a snack: DIgital Underground (7:43pm)
MURPHAY!: Miss you guys (7:43pm)
Scot: NO LIE (7:43pm)
Scot: I did not say "fuck yeah" (7:44pm)
Scot: I definitely did not say that. (7:44pm)
Scot: Super Junky Monkey (7:44pm)
Scot: half of mastodon were loosely affiliated with a rochster funk metal band named Big Hair. (7:45pm)
A snake a snack: The singer had pants with mirror glued all over them (7:45pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: You did say "teh" it leaves it open to interpretation (7:45pm)
Scot: true (7:45pm)
A snake a snack: I saw mordred play woth exodus at SF warfield back in the day (7:45pm)
Cobras: luckyyyyyyy (7:46pm)
Cobras: besides the exodus part (7:46pm)
Scot: wtf that is sick (7:46pm)
Scot: mordred was garbage but "I saw mordred" is not garbage. (7:47pm)
Scot: like Last Crack was garbage but "I saw Last Crack" is tite (7:47pm)
A snake a snack: Ha (7:47pm)
MURPHAY!: SF MUNI bus chat is the BEST (7:48pm)
Dave S: My friend was so pissed when he bought a mordred tape back then (7:50pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Why did Merph Dawg get demoted to the chatter box?! (7:50pm)
MURPHAY!: I'm at home, sick, Tommy (7:51pm)
MURPHAY!: Zika (7:51pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Don't get babied yo. (7:52pm)
MURPHAY!: Def not (7:53pm)
MURPHAY!: Literally the tightest song of all time (7:54pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: whens the mosh part drop? (7:54pm)
Scot: i pray 4 u (7:54pm)
Scot: forget it. unsub. (7:55pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: For real (7:55pm)
Scot: inconsistency is like being spit on. (7:55pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: So sayeth the Border Boss, so sayeth the flock. Get it together dudes (7:56pm)
Scot: I AGREE< SHELBY!!!! (7:56pm)
Scot: <3 <3 (7:57pm)
Scot: BBB has to be Border Boss related. (7:59pm)
Scot: and I'm flatter. ty. (7:59pm)
Dave S: I hope (7:59pm)
Dave S: Get better murphaay (8:00pm)
Scot: BBBB (8:00pm)
Scot: ty tommy u solved it (8:00pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Love love king Murph Dawg (8:00pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Np bb (8:01pm)
Scot: feel better, sara murphy. BBBB. (8:01pm)