Chatroom History
October 2, 2016 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Eeewwww: The Maddona Inn is PINK! The mens room is cavelike w/ a waterfall for a urinal, and a field trip of high school girls walked in to check it out while I was pissing. Hi girls. (6:22pm)
delish: hot (6:26pm)
ALIV15: hello hello (6:27pm)
delish: cop hand sounds about as good as pussy bun (6:32pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: 2 trash (6:37pm)
Lord Halvah: Pussy bun sounds more delicious. (6:37pm) hi yall (6:37pm)
delish: much more (6:37pm)
Lord Halvah: Alan Jackson dickslangin' 24/7 I heard (6:38pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: More like, NOT Alan Jackson... (6:38pm)
Lord Halvah: Hater 2 Times (6:39pm)
delish: can I email u? I been looking for some hot 69 action even if it's not Alan Jackson (6:39pm) couple a haters (6:39pm)
delish: honestly Alan Jackson is just too woke (6:40pm) hot and 69 part are true (6:40pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Deep, so butts asleep (6:41pm)
delish: how you spell grossdee (6:41pm)
fio: Grossty (6:42pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: I think you nailed it (6:42pm)
Lord Halvah: Grois de vivre (6:42pm)
fio: Gross D (6:42pm)
Lord Halvah: You know how French goes. All fucked up. (6:42pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Sick (6:43pm)
delish: all about that gross d son (6:43pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Like the Chiefs right now?! (6:43pm)
delish: sports :( (6:44pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: SBORRRBS (6:44pm)
Lord Halvah: Al sporbbs #1 (6:46pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Who's the not Sarah Morph Dogg voice in the studio? (6:46pm)
ALIV15: zack , steve peacock, aesop as our guests (6:47pm)
ALIV15: al and shelby hosting (6:47pm)
delish: I know (6:47pm)
delish: duh (6:48pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Are they gunna fall back and let Al Sports breath? Or.... (6:48pm)
Lord Halvah: Sexxy breathplay (6:48pm)
delish: als a bookie (6:49pm)
Lord Halvah: A spookie bookie? (6:49pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: TD STEELERZ!! (6:50pm)
delish: yesh (6:50pm)
ALIV15: no al sports tonight (6:51pm)
Lord Halvah: Fuck this life (6:52pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Byeeeeeeeree (6:52pm) all the ltters wore off my cassingle (6:52pm) letters (6:53pm)
delish: don't let these band geeks tell u what to do with sports u are the sport King (6:53pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Unskinny BOP wuz my first cassinglet. Sup POSERZ (6:54pm) it was the easiest way to hear Breadfan (6:54pm)
Lord Halvah: And the prince (6:55pm) yes thank you cassingles (6:56pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: What the hell is going on (6:56pm)
delish: what's it called screwed? when it's slower (6:56pm)
fio: "And when their eloquence escapes me, their logic ties me up and rapes me" - De Do Do Do (6:56pm)
Lord Halvah: I think my first cassingle was club nouveau (6:57pm) reign in blood was like a cassingle but with 10 songs (6:57pm)
Lord Halvah: Haunting the Cassingle (6:58pm)
delish: it's called screwed and we need purple drank to truly appreciate it (6:59pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: The rain is really starting to effect the gameplay folks (7:00pm)
Lord Halvah: You tricklin'? (7:00pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Almost there (7:00pm)
Lord Halvah: Tommy 2 Sprinkles (7:00pm)
delish: where's Sara (7:03pm)
ALIV15: She is out of town visiting family (7:04pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: How high should I get before the second half of the game? (7:04pm)
ALIV15: a lot (7:05pm)
ALIV15: it's 29-donut (7:05pm)
ALIV15: did you pick a over/under or play the line on the chiefs (7:05pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: I don't bet on anything involving the Chiefs (7:06pm)
ALIV15: lol never (7:07pm)
delish: I toldja he was a bookie (7:08pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: All my gambling $ is tied up in the Mets/Sox making it to the WS (7:08pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: This song is butt with a capital T (7:09pm)
delish: butT (7:09pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Tubt (7:11pm)
delish: tubt tubt it looks like rain (7:13pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Guys slow down I'm not really really high yet (7:17pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Ok. Go. (7:21pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Al, did you get any new tattoos? (7:23pm)
Erik: My favorite part of IllCon is the second hour when everyone runs out of shit to talk about and it turns to sketchy food chat and disappointed sighs (7:23pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Al should talk about his new tattoos (7:24pm)
Erik: New segment "Al Tats" (7:24pm) Is there a new NAD tonight? (7:25pm)
Erik: Yes sir I somehow managed to pull one out of my hungover brain (7:25pm)
ALIV15: no new tattoos (7:25pm) just talk about your old ones (7:26pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Yeah, but what about the new tattoos you got? (7:26pm)
ALIV15: trump pooping on a milwaukee bucks logo (7:27pm) my brain needs a new NAD (7:28pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Yeah, but what about your new tattoos? (7:28pm)
delish: He was (7:28pm)
delish: shaqtin a fool (7:29pm)
Erik: New segment "Shaq Piqqs" (7:32pm) The last Derek podcast had some good Shaq stories (7:32pm)
delish: it's got full doujins for the weebs like me (7:36pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Gramma giftz iz tite (7:37pm)
fio: "Damn you, boner ghost!" should be the ep title (7:37pm)
delish: this is for u trolls (7:38pm)
Korn-y : is the most insane angry program guy message board (7:42pm)
ALIV15: look up keggers of yore (7:42pm)
Lord Halvah: Bookmarked (7:42pm)
Korn-y : *prog guy (7:42pm) can youtube comments be a siqq piqq? (7:42pm)
Lord Halvah: Bookmarked bookmarked thanks everyone (7:42pm)
Korn-y : Keggers of yore is Grady site (7:44pm)
Korn-y : From hawaii (7:44pm) that interviewed bronies? (7:44pm)
Korn-y : Yes (7:44pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Liar Town just took me someplace (7:52pm)
ALIV15: tofu olympics (7:52pm) still only 4 AJ memes (7:54pm) lolz (7:55pm) the old is gone but ebaums world has the mullet pics and the 7th pic has a white Suffocation shirt (7:57pm) YurWelcome (7:57pm)
delish: I'm gonna miss the show im super bummed (7:58pm)
ALIV15: g nite everybody (7:59pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: DUECES (7:59pm) byee (7:59pm)
delish: bye (7:59pm)