Chatroom History
October 9, 2016 4:00pm - 6:28pm

Whore Axe: I can't watch this debate because I am too filled with anxiety. Help me, Al. (6:04pm)
DavidS@yahoo: Hi yall (6:07pm)
MURPHAY!: yo yo yo (6:07pm)
DavidS@yahoo: I'm listening on my phone so I'll be lagging. Probably be quiet which is better anywayz (6:09pm)
ALIV15: keep listenting loud (6:10pm)
CoryisBAE: As good as a solo Al ep would be I'm stoked for the return of Cory and Murph! <3 (6:10pm)
DavidS@yahoo: I meant I will be quiet in the Hoochee Chat (6:12pm)
MURPHAY!: Stoked to be hereeeee (6:13pm)
DavidS@yahoo: Glad Murphaaaay is back (6:14pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: I picked the wrong time to tune in. (6:15pm)
DavidS@yahoo: It's the right time. You can shit them all (6:16pm)
MURPHAY!: No such thing as a wrong time Tommay (6:16pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: All the shits. 10 out of 10 shitz (6:16pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Nope. (6:18pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: No Eric? (6:21pm)
MURPHAY!: No Baby Boy Erik this week (6:21pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: TFW FTW (6:22pm)
CoryisBAE: Erik is infiltrating Bohemian Grove this week (6:23pm)
DavidS@yahoo: Bullet boyz#1 (6:24pm)
CoryisBAE: Cory's face band is the Donny Jepp Hollywood Vampires (6:26pm)