Chatroom History
October 16, 2016 6:00pm - 8:23pm

ALIV15: hello to all (6:00pm)
KORY: hi hi hi (6:01pm)
A snake a snack: 17 years since last japanese godzilla. (6:08pm)
heavy c: tom delonge? (6:18pm)
ALIV15: tim R swartz (6:32pm)
Eeewwww: I met these guys on the Broad St subway (7:21pm)
ALIV15: really Dad (7:21pm)
Eeewwww: Yep. One of his followers, and he asked me if I was getting short of breath. I said no. And he said maybe it's just me. And then I got off at my station, and felt short of breath. (7:24pm)
ALIV15: Well damm (7:27pm)
Kevin: I'm front row at Sad Vicious. It's a seated night for Neil Hamburger!? (7:38pm)
ALIV15: thanks (7:38pm)
Toby: Mickey Rourke as Bukowski in Barfly (7:45pm)
Eeewwww: Arthur (7:46pm)
ALIV15: gnite (7:52pm)