Chatroom History
October 17, 2016 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Miss Kae Oz: I'MMMMM BAAAACK!!! (10:02pm)
The Professor: Hello, Sex Cellars! (10:04pm)
Perfect_Timing: Hmmm... And can't chat either I guess... (10:05pm)
Perfect_Timing: Oh.. That went through.. (10:05pm)
Perfect_Timing: Greetings. (10:05pm)
Perfect_Timing: From 38,925 feet. (10:05pm)
Perfect_Timing: Guess I can stream actually. (10:06pm)
The Pickle: Hello, everyone. :) (10:07pm)
The Professor: Hey PT, Pickle. =] (10:08pm)
The Pickle: Well that's awkward (10:12pm)
Perfect_Timing: Good cop/ bad cop? (10:14pm)
Perfect_Timing: Ooooh... We're descending... (10:14pm)
Miss Kae Oz: oh no! (10:15pm)
Miss Kae Oz: that means you have to put electronics away (10:15pm)
Perfect_Timing: Not yet. (10:15pm)
Perfect_Timing: Passing thru 35k feet. (10:16pm)
Perfect_Timing: Then again, we land at around 5k feet... (10:16pm)
Perfect_Timing: So I think we have to close down at 15k feet for landing in Denver. (10:17pm)
Perfect_Timing: Lots of noise in background, btw.. And I can hear it even with jet engines. (10:18pm)
The Pickle: Yeah no thanks (10:19pm)
The Pickle: That prod is scary!!! (10:19pm)
Perfect_Timing: No amps. (10:19pm)
The Pickle: Lightning? (10:19pm)
The Pickle: Hahaha (10:19pm)
The Pickle: :) hehe (10:20pm)
The Pickle: I did (10:20pm)
The Pickle: She/they both fine. (10:20pm)
Perfect_Timing: Well.. Very little. (10:20pm)
The Pickle: Liezzz (10:20pm)
The Pickle: Hehehe (10:20pm)
The Professor: I default to they these days. =] (10:20pm)
The Pickle: They is always safe :3 (10:21pm)
The Professor: the noise in the background is Ms. Kae Oz making a nest out of cables. (10:22pm)
The Pickle: All I heard was your diet coke (10:22pm)
The Professor: mmmmmm (10:22pm)
The Pickle: Hmmmm that's a really good point (10:22pm)
Perfect_Timing: Okay,. (10:23pm)
Perfect_Timing: Insane ducking turbulence. (10:23pm)
Perfect_Timing: Holy shit (10:24pm)
The Pickle: *_* (10:24pm)
Perfect_Timing: God damn... Clear air tricky as fuck. (10:24pm)
Miss Kae Oz: hold on tight! (10:24pm)
Perfect_Timing: Think we're through the worst of it. (10:24pm)
The Pickle: This is intriguing (10:25pm)
The Pickle: Heheheheh I would do that.... (10:25pm)
Perfect_Timing: I've said it before, I'll say it again: (10:25pm)
Perfect_Timing: Fuck you Denver. (10:26pm)
The Pickle: I haven't ever been to Denver, why the hate? (10:26pm)
Perfect_Timing: Just too many shitty experiences here.. And I'm not even there yet. (10:26pm)
The Professor: clear air turbulence? (10:26pm)
Perfect_Timing: This place hates me. (10:26pm)
The Professor: one of the starships in my favorite scifi novels was named that. (10:27pm)
Perfect_Timing: Air seems clear and we're bouncing all over the place, so yup. (10:27pm)
Perfect_Timing: The USS Fuck You Denver? (10:27pm)
The Professor: The /Clear Air Turbulence/ (10:28pm)
Perfect_Timing: An. (10:28pm)
Perfect_Timing: Ah. (10:28pm)
Perfect_Timing: Ugh.. Need to stop reading/typing... (10:28pm)
The Professor: (10:28pm)