Chatroom History
October 23, 2016 5:00pm - 7:30pm

ALIV15: oh giggles (5:53pm)
Erik: HI (6:02pm)
ALIV15: let's get inspired (6:20pm)
Wolf Blitzeder: ohhh yeaaah, this is my jam (6:30pm)
Wolf Blitzeder: warren haynes has a great voice (6:30pm)
Wolf Blitzeder: the claypool and sean lennon collab wasnt too bad (6:31pm)
Scot: Need some hitt or shitt feedback on a proj (6:47pm)
Scot: Is Shelby playing today or what? (6:48pm)
KORY: send we are hot or shitting nu metal (6:49pm)
ALIV15: hot shit or nu shit , who knows (6:49pm)
Scot: Speak English ffs (6:52pm)
ALIV15: Okay, excuse New Metal. (6:53pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Did I miss Al sports? How hard is the Town riding with the Raiders? (7:09pm)
ALIV15: They are excited but also disenchanted because they are pretty much going to Las Vegas. (7:10pm)
ALIV15: No Al sports. I am excited for the World Series , hope it goes to at least 6 games (7:10pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Yeah, my Dad is pissed but stoked they're making noise. (7:11pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: I want it to go 7. I hate to root against Tito, but I wanna see the Cubs do it (7:12pm)
Scot: I left for a half hour. Who is this guy that's planning two full years in advance? (7:14pm)
Scot: oh I know. (7:14pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: I think it's Shelbys uncle (7:15pm)
Erik: This is the greatest prank caller of all time (7:15pm)
Scot: yeah I got some context clues like him saying his name (7:15pm)
Scot: I only know that he also does thrash metal and I love thrash metal. can you get him to play a thrash metal? (7:16pm)
Scot: genesis "that's all" is my fave prog song (7:17pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: I have no idea who dude is, but Corys excitement and his general weirdness is pretty cool (7:17pm)
MURPHAY!: Tommy check out some of the older illcon LPC eps (7:18pm)
MURPHAY!: I'll link to them when Cory shares this show in ptown maana (7:18pm)
Scot: (7:18pm)
MURPHAY!: Manana goddamnit (7:18pm)
Scot: banana (7:19pm)
Scot: talk to you banana (7:19pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Bandana (7:19pm)
Scot: burger king. (7:20pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: I'll contribute for 3 Al jokes (7:21pm)
Scot: thrall jokes: demonsweat live (7:22pm)
ALIV15: ha ha ha ! (7:22pm)
Scot: i hate music so much (7:25pm)
Scot: what do you guys think of this song (7:26pm)
KORY: thats the best song of all time (7:29pm)
Tammy 2 Dope: Sarah Jurrasic Parker (7:29pm)
Mr. Moon: The 1970 news paper comic strip Broom Hilda (7:30pm)
Mr. Moon: Amok amok amok (7:30pm)