Chatroom History
October 28, 2016 4:00pm - 6:29pm

capac: Still as handsome as ever. (4:01pm)
hamp: What crime did this guy committ. (4:04pm)
capac: Mom and I love this pic (4:20pm)
capac: Hey Hamp, is the sound cutting in and out for you or is it my end? (4:27pm)
hamp: been good here except one time. (4:28pm)
capac: Guess I'll be cleaning my pc tomorrow. (4:30pm)
hamp: May Zen prevail. (4:31pm)
capac: I've learned my lesson I use a fine brush and compressed air. (4:33pm)
hamp: Ya, a camel hair. (4:34pm)
capac: One of my paint brushes. (4:35pm)
hamp: then wiggel all the connectors to whip (4:37pm)
capac: By the way that was one of my paintings earlier. (4:37pm)
hamp: clean (4:40pm)
hamp: nice painting (4:41pm)
capac: Thank you. (4:41pm)
capac: We are getting about 20% of the audio and then it cuts out, so we might be going to bed early, and listen to a pod cast later when I get my P/C fixed. (5:00pm)
hamp: try rebooting (5:01pm)
capac: ok (5:01pm)
hamp: then kick it. (5:03pm)
capac: no luck, same thing I hear about 1 minute of broadcast then cuts out for at least that long. Time to lay down and "Go Cubs" (5:04pm)
hamp: sweet dreams (5:05pm)
hamp: midnite snack in a motel room (5:17pm)
hamp: Play misty for me, and squat like a black toad, (5:33pm)
hamp: Common DNA (5:48pm)
hamp: astalavista SS, for now (5:56pm)