Chatroom History
October 29, 2016 10:00am - 12:30pm

ZODD: Rampage! (10:00am)
Deeb: Rampage! (10:05am)
!LAM!: hola! ZODD!! hola! Deeb!! (10:23am)
!LAM!: hola! SwampLord!! in Swamphell he, err, it is!!! (10:23am)
!LAM!: <---hey Swamplord I added additonal tix to give away on the blog pagge (10:32am)
Deeb: hammers of misfortune...sick! (11:16am)
Deeb: what up LAM (11:16am)
DJ Swamplord: Call in to claim Diamond Head tix on Nov. 2! (415) 962-7979 (11:33am)