Chatroom History
November 6, 2016 6:00pm - 8:27pm

ALIV15: hello ILL CON MANIACS (6:04pm)
President Cobras: hey fools (6:06pm)
podcast towner eric: o shit (6:08pm)
podcast towner eric: it's that podcast :' ) (6:09pm)
podcast towner eric: stranger shits (6:17pm)
ALIV15: yes strangers hits or shits (6:17pm)
President Cobras: this is so good (6:22pm)
podcast towner eric: graceland b-side (6:22pm)
Scot: I like the backrgound sax. turn that shit up and be quiet a second. (6:28pm)
podcast towner eric: ill con should release a background music/incidental music mix (6:32pm)
Scot: I'm marshall bravestarr. patch me in. (6:33pm)
KORY: lol (6:36pm)
President Cobras: call us (6:36pm)
KORY: 415-962-7979 (6:36pm)
SPY, Spyders. I've made them and it's a fee free basket of 500 S&P stocks.: Ha Ha, Bill Russel was announced as the "color man" and he giggled for 5 minutes. (7:13pm)
ALIV15: ha^^^ (7:17pm)