Chatroom History
November 6, 2016 4:00pm - 6:29pm

King Rat: 1984, actually, you must have a re release (4:00pm)
malderor: testes (4:03pm)
malderor: yeah, 1984. guess this ep was a reissue (4:03pm)
malderor: stay tuned for cheap hooch@! (4:03pm)
malderor: live remote! (4:03pm)
ALIV15: hello ILL CON MANIACS (6:04pm)
President Cobras: hey fools (6:06pm)
podcast towner eric: o shit (6:08pm)
podcast towner eric: it's that podcast :' ) (6:09pm)
podcast towner eric: stranger shits (6:17pm)
ALIV15: yes strangers hits or shits (6:17pm)
President Cobras: this is so good (6:22pm)
podcast towner eric: graceland b-side (6:22pm)
Scot: I like the backrgound sax. turn that shit up and be quiet a second. (6:28pm)