Chatroom History
October 21, 2016 10:00pm - 1:30am

RIghtRev: Good morning! (10:01pm)
DrPantz: hot damn! (10:22pm)
DrPantz: Dr Hal live (10:22pm)
DrPantz: greetings to all my fellow subGs listening in (10:23pm)
RIghtRev: Prabob (10:28pm)
What: a load of Boboganda... (10:39pm)
RIghtRev: Too Right (10:40pm)
RIghtRev: Hahahahaha!!!! (10:47pm)
RIghtRev: *weeping* I love this show (10:48pm)
DrPantz: it's a good one (10:49pm)
DrPantz: i am glad i was able to stay awake (10:49pm)
RIghtRev: *sigh* (10:53pm)
brusque and abusive: bess bugs... (10:55pm)
brusque and abusive: burying beetles... (10:55pm)
RIghtRev: Soundscapes... (10:55pm)
brusque and abusive: too (10:56pm)
RIghtRev: better than not enough (10:57pm)
brusque and abusive: right, Rev (10:57pm)
RIghtRev: Eternal Salivation (10:57pm)
brusque and abusive: awake the Kraken (10:58pm)
RIghtRev: Tree-living octopus? HAHAHA - oh, my (10:58pm)
RIghtRev: PRABOB (10:58pm)
RIghtRev: "Bob" is not the answer (10:59pm)
RIghtRev: Neither is anything else... (10:59pm)
brusque and abusive: That comment passed the muster. (10:59pm)
DrPantz: maybe there are no answers, only choices (10:59pm)
RIghtRev: HAHAHA (10:59pm)
RIghtRev: *dying* (11:00pm)
RIghtRev: Poor Dr Penny (11:00pm)
brusque and abusive: What happened to the 'live' Chez Poulet show??? (11:01pm)
RIghtRev: "Bob" says let that shit go (11:02pm)
brusque and abusive: Yeast of all. (11:03pm)
brusque and abusive: Why did Chicken cross the road? (11:03pm)
What: do you care? (11:04pm)
brusque and abusive: Deeply. (11:04pm)
brusque and abusive: Deeeeeeeeply. (11:05pm)
RIghtRev: Pipe Up! (11:05pm)
What: a Bob prob.. (11:05pm)
RIghtRev: Wow - nice, Dr. Penny! (11:07pm)
RIghtRev: Is that the Sour Diesel? (11:12pm)
RIghtRev: Hahaha! <3 (11:17pm)
RIghtRev: It would look swell! (11:21pm)
RIghtRev: Haha! I had a pair of Buster Browns (11:21pm)
What: about the x ray machine? (11:23pm)
RIghtRev: The world ends tomorrow,,, (11:24pm)
RIghtRev: The Pinks are BUMMIN (11:25pm)
RIghtRev: Yes - ravaged and sore - hahahaha (11:25pm)
What: about Fluff Gurl DoNuTs after The Show? (11:26pm)
RIghtRev: Deez nutz? (11:27pm)
RIghtRev: Deez ovariez??? (11:27pm)
What: about the past? (11:27pm)
What: about this morning? (11:27pm)
RIghtRev: Mmmmm... good ols fashioned root beer (11:28pm)
RIghtRev: Beautiful - dangerous (11:32pm)
RIghtRev: They were defensive, yes (11:35pm)
IS THIS LIVE???: WELL IS IT?? (11:35pm)
RIghtRev: They are si beautiful.... (11:36pm)
RIghtRev: Wanna hug 'em (11:36pm)
RIghtRev: Hahaha - (11:37pm)
IS THIS LIVE???: pretty music (11:38pm)
RIghtRev: Indeed - bring it, writhing, to the table - HOT MEAT (11:38pm)
RIghtRev: There's no horror like the old horror... (11:44pm)
RIghtRev: hahaha - ruminations... (11:46pm)
RIghtRev: <3 (11:48pm)
Timmy: Does Dr. Hal worship Prince? (11:53pm)
RIghtRev: beautiful dreamer...hahaha (11:53pm)
RIghtRev: Blessing, Dok Penny (11:58pm)
RIghtRev: :D (12:00am)
RIghtRev: nice... (12:03am)
RIghtRev: These are lovely creatures (12:06am)
RIghtRev: dimming lights - reclining.... (12:12am)
RIghtRev: good tonight! (12:26am)
RIghtRev: hahaha (12:31am)
RIghtRev: yes (12:36am)
RIghtRev: That's might strong! (12:40am)
Timmy: HEYHEYHEYHEYHEY (12:44am)
RIghtRev: XTC - word. (12:48am)
RIghtRev: Tiny TIm - oh my heart (12:52am)
RIghtRev: Thank you, Doc H.Owll, for another fantastic trip... (12:56am)
RIghtRev: Perfect. :) (12:57am)
Timmy: Love you Uncle Hal! (1:00am)
RIghtRev: *sigh* yes, all of the Love for the Good Doktor (1:01am)