Chatroom History
October 28, 2016 10:00pm - 1:29am

RIghtRev: Yes! (10:00pm)
Rev. Bitwise: I've missed this. I usually listen on the podcast but it's nice to listen live. (10:01pm)
apex predator: Thank God for the rain to wash the trash off the sidewalk. (10:08pm)
apex predator: Any special guests tonight? (10:09pm)
Rev. Bitwise: Ahh, shit, it took me a minute to place that, well played. (10:11pm)
RIghtRev: favorite way to wind up Slack Friday... (10:13pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: lendingmy supporttomy SubGenius colleague Dr.Hal tonight! :p (10:13pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i will be visiting next week with sum terra tube dino toys.. (10:13pm)
RIghtRev: <3 (10:15pm)
Sesame Street alien: What? that's the funnest part. You can Madlibs Clark Ashton Smith. (10:16pm)
Sesame Street alien: poetic recitation about "poopy butts" or what have you (10:17pm)
RIghtRev: Ha! (10:17pm)
apex predator: Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets. (10:18pm)
RIghtRev: The Pinks are Bummin'! (10:19pm)
apex predator: The Pinks are Trumpin'. (10:21pm)
apex predator: I am voting for Michael Peppe. (10:23pm)
RIghtRev: Praise "Bob!" - PRAISE HIM (10:23pm)
RIghtRev: 13913 (10:24pm)
apex predator: Braise him! (10:26pm)
RIghtRev: Livin' the dream... (10:32pm)
RIghtRev: Poor slackless bastards (10:42pm)
RIghtRev: Haha - frog giggin (11:01pm)
RIghtRev: transportive (11:28pm)
WrongRight: normalative (11:33pm)
Blow,: let it... (11:37pm)
introslayer: what happened to the word (11:46pm)
introslayer: oh (11:46pm)
apex predator: Goldie haunt. (12:20am)
apex predator: Mr. Weiner is unattractive. (12:22am)
apex predator: Weiner is a weiner. Jane Kim dong ill. (12:25am)
apex predator: Vote "No" on Prop 64. (12:26am)
RIghtRev: hooray (12:33am)
cal a. veras: vote 'yes' on measure D!!! (12:52am)
cal a. veras: Cane toad venom......must smoke. (12:53am)
cal a. veras: Abba Zaba bar's are best. (12:54am)
cal a. veras: Take Jesus in the rim. (12:56am)
cal a. veras: Af.Ter Hal show? (12:57am)
cal a. veras: Xmen Apocalypse was the most recent. And vile. (12:58am)
cal a. veras: Ben Affekt wears awig. (12:59am)