Chatroom History
November 5, 2016 10:00am - 1:29pm

!LAM!: The P.O.D!!!! (10:07am)
Prophet O' le DOOM!!!!: Here I be, on my DARKTHRONE!!! (10:11am)
!LAM!: \m/\m/ (10:26am)
Testicular Sanity: \m/ (10:49am)
Testicular Sanity: fuckin love Deathhammer! (10:49am)
Prophet O' le DOOM!!!!: Me too matey!!! (11:09am)
ZODD: Great show! (11:21am)
ZODD: Love me some Vader! (11:27am)
ZODD: \m/!!! (12:05pm)
ZODD: Jody! (12:15pm)
DJ Jody: Zodd! (12:16pm)
DJ Jody: Haha, did Prophet play Vader too?! (12:16pm)
DJ Jody: Oops (12:16pm)
ZODD: All good never too much Vader (12:27pm)
ZODD: Love the Pantera (12:27pm)
DJ Jody: GOOD! (12:34pm)