Chatroom History
November 13, 2016 6:00pm - 8:29pm

Shally Coras: this is not going to be in our top 10 of shows (6:02pm)
Eeewwww: HA! (6:10pm)
Korn-y: hi (6:36pm)
ALIV15: hello all (6:39pm)
Dave S: hello (6:40pm)
Shally Coras: hi dave s (6:41pm)
Dave S: Lot of good tropes this year (6:50pm)
heavy c: o.0 (6:53pm)
heavy c: --- (6:54pm)
Shally Coras: al is dancing around the studio again (6:59pm)
Dave S: He should be (7:00pm)
Dave S: Band? (7:00pm)
Rootbeer Thief: I wish this song had more swamp and less Relapse (7:00pm)
Rootbeer Thief: Still 8/10 though. (7:01pm)
Dave S: Doan did a good Clinton but now he's gone (7:02pm)
Dave S: forever (7:03pm)
A snake a snack: Goku and vegita used fusion on dragon ball (7:05pm)
heavy c: its time for a training montage (7:11pm)
Eeewwww: Sex Pistols: GET PISSED! DESTROY! (7:12pm)
miserable failure: Oh god this segment is exactly what I needed (7:16pm)
heavy c: heroin? (7:21pm)
Dave S: This (7:22pm)
Dave S: song should get to the point quicker (7:23pm)
ALIV15: they lackin (7:23pm)
A snake a snack: Heroine aka bulma (7:23pm)
fio: MDC and Brujeria both haveanti-Trump songs (7:24pm)
fio: (7:24pm)
fio: (7:25pm)
miserable failure: DING DING DING (7:25pm)
A snake a snack: Matando Gueros!!! (7:27pm)
Dave S: wall can't stop brujeria (7:27pm)
A snake a snack: FLUSGGGHHHHHHHHHH (7:29pm)
A snake a snack: HArd pass (7:29pm)
miserable failure: :/ (7:30pm)
A snake a snack: Im out. Nope. (7:32pm)
Dave S: The nazis took the air horn (7:33pm)
heavy c: al has been trumpified (7:33pm)
Dave S: Ooooooh ahh aaahh aaahh (7:34pm)
ALIV15: sorry guys (7:37pm)
A snake a snack: And shelmy says punk music is bad... (7:39pm)
A snake a snack: B (7:39pm)
A snake a snack: (7:44pm)
heavy c: shorby corbras (7:46pm)
Shally Coras: nailed it (7:46pm)
Eeewwww: Golden State Orbiors (7:46pm)
A snake a snack: 1968 olympics (7:49pm)
Dave S: Best orbs (7:50pm)
Seth Koozer: hello lovers (7:51pm)
Shally Coras: hello seth (7:52pm)
Dave S: Hi Seth (7:52pm)
Seth Koozer: hiiiiiiiiiiiii (7:52pm)
Kevin: Sea lions say "Orb Orb Orb!" (7:53pm)
Kevin: This reality is MOST disturbing ! (7:57pm)
Korn-y: lov u all (7:59pm)
Seth Koozer: byyyyyyye (7:59pm)
Dave S: That gkc shit was mORBid bye (8:00pm)