Chatroom History
October 25, 2016 6:00pm - 8:18pm

ed: oh goody...the orb! (6:13pm)
timmmii: it's good to be back. (6:16pm)
timmmii: and yes, the new orb album is good, very chill (6:16pm)
timmmii: called "COW/Chill Out World!" (6:16pm)
ed: bring it on... (6:18pm)
timmmii: here's a track (6:39pm)
timmmii: this album reminds me of UF Orb and Orbus Terrarum (6:39pm)
ed: yes... good 'n'dreamy (6:41pm)
ed: we are experiencing a technical difficulty...(no sound) (7:29pm)
ed: this berlin 2 is godhead... (7:35pm)
ed: i mean pixelord (7:36pm)
timmmii: yeah, having some issues tonight (7:38pm)
ed: actually it was the song after that (7:38pm)
timmmii: floating points (7:39pm)
timmmii: berlin 2 is pixelord (7:39pm)
ed: what was the floating points song (7:39pm)
timmmii: after pixelord, more organic instruments (7:40pm)
timmmii: pixelord more bassy, frentic (7:40pm)
timmmii: now playing om unit again, which started the whole mess (7:40pm)
timmmii: technology (7:40pm)
ed: thanks timmmii! (7:41pm)
Michele K-tel: BOO (8:05pm)